Different ways to use fabric softener at home

O softener It is meant to leave soft and fragrant clothes, but can also be considered an effective cleaning product for the whole house. Discover some different ways to use fabric softener and know how to leave the environments clean and with a pleasant aroma for a longer time.

Bathroom cleaning

Using fabric softener in the bathroom helps keep the tiles, floor, toilet, sink and counter clean and fragrant. To use the softener in the bathroomJust dilute a little of the product in the water with alcohol and apply to the parts with a damp cloth.

Clean and smelly carpet

To ensure that the carpet fibers do not look rough and dry after cleaning, mix ½ softener lid with two liters of water. Transfer to a spray bottle and spread all over the carpet, massaging with your fingers. Let the carpet dry naturally, preferably in the shade.

Flavored Environments

To leave the room flavored for hours, especially when the visit is about to come, apply the fabric softener to the floor and doors of the living room or bedroom. To do this, just dissolve a little of the product in a liter of water, moisten a cloth and apply throughout the environment. Another great tip is to spray the mixture into the air to keep the scented environment longer.

Scented furniture polish

To remove dust from furniture, bet on fabric softener. In addition to cleaning all dirt, it has the power to dust away for days as it creates a protective film on the furniture. The fabric softener can be used on wood, kitchen and bathroom sinks, stoves and appliances.

The fabric softener is also very effective in removing stains and marks on furniture left by peroba oil. To make the fabric softener a furniture polish, simply dilute the product with water and apply to the furniture with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Cleaner glasses and mirrors

Softener is also a great product for cleaning windows and mirrors without stains and repelling dust for days. To clean, you must mix the softener in ½ liter of water and, if you prefer, supplement with a little alcohol. Spray the mixture over the glass or mirror and then wipe it with a soft lint-free cloth, always making circular motions.

Longer soft, fragrant clothes

The fabric softener can be used during and after laundry. To ensure the pleasant smell and make the iron slip over the fabrics more easily, just dilute a cup of tea in a liter of water and sprinkle on the pieces before ironing.

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