Do anti-cellulite shorts work?

Being thin is the goal of most women, but in the list of major concerns about appearance another issue also stands out: not having cellulitis. The problem affecting 95% of women has no cure, but there are several treatment options to soften the orange peel aspect of the skin.

Remember that cellulite is an inflammation that may be genetic, but its main cause is related to increased production of female hormones. Poor diet, physical inactivity, contraceptive use and cigarette addiction aggravate the problem. And it's not just overweight women who are the main victims, skinny women can also suffer from the discomfort.

There is no shortage of options in cosmetics, capsules, modern aesthetic treatment techniques and even garments that promise to improve the holes that appear mainly in the butt and legs.

This is the case of anti-cellulite shorts, a type of clothing made with the latest technology. They are made with polyamide and elastane fabric, common in fitness fashion, which receives a bioceramic bath.

The material incorporates into the web and, in contact with the body, absorbs heat which is then returned to the skin in the form of long infrared rays. This process stimulates local blood flow, improving circulation, fluid retention and inflammation. The promise is that this way the skin will have a significant improvement in appearance.

For experts, it is only possible to know if the anti-cellulite shorts work or not doing tests. A clinical study of the Department of Dermatology and the vascular surgery discipline of the Department of Surgery of Unifesp (Federal University of São Paulo) investigated the efficacy and safety of cellulite shorts.

Although the study is not yet complete, the results show a slight improvement in grade 2 and 3 cellulite (mild and moderate) after the use of shorts. Doctors believe that the support effect of the shorts of the shorts is capable of preventing further flabbiness. When the skin becomes saggy, cellulite becomes more evident.

Another possible benefit of anti-cellulite shorts is that this type of compression fabric and part modeling can facilitate lymphatic drainage. According to the manufacturers, shorts need to be worn for a minimum of 60 days and for an eight-hour period daily in order to realize the results.

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