Do you know what humanized childbirth is?

You know what is the humanized birth? Most women will respond that it is a normal home birth with the help of a midwife. But that answer is wrong. A humanized birth is far from being just another procedure for women to give birth.

The main goal of humanized childbirth is to promote a birth that is favorable for both mother and baby and with as few medical interventions as possible. "Humanized childbirth is a woman-centered care model that respects their choices and guarantees their leading role in this very personal moment," explains Naturologist and Doula, Founder of Comparto, Raquel Oliva.

In this case the woman decides all the details of the moment. Where the birth will take place; whether in the hospital or in your own home; in which position, if in the bathtub, or squatting; if she will eat or drink and who will accompany her during labor hours. She is respected at the moment and chooses what she finds most comfortable for herself.

The woman is not deprived of medical procedures or interventions, but she, as the protagonist of this moment, is the one who consents, before the clarifications, the accomplishment of any of them. Usually mothers receive care from an obstetric gynecologist and a doula. It all depends on the woman's desire.

The role of doula In this case, it is to help the mother, both before and at the time of childbirth. The doula supports the parturient (woman in labor) physically and emotionally, and offers comfort measures such as massage, hot water use and other procedures. Here, the father can also actively participate in the birth, helping the woman and providing all the support she needs, as well as having greater contact with the baby soon after her birth. birth.

Humanized childbirth breaks with conventional childbirth care, where men invade this moment when dictating rules and protocols. The expert explains that humanized childbirth has several advantages. At birth, the baby has a smoother transition and is already in contact with the mother. There he has the opportunity to feel it, smell it and also suckle, thus establishing the initial bond, so important for future development.

The doula also explains that all pregnant women can perform a humanized birth. Even in cases where the cesarean section surgery is necessary and correctly indicated, the mother can receive such care. There are no restrictions for a more humane and respectful treatment and this should be the right of all women ?, emphasizes. We suggest that the pregnant woman talk with her obstetrician, with a doula and know the possibilities and rights she has at the time of delivery. Here, the woman is the center.

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