Does black soy flour lose weight?

Do you already know the Soy and you know she is among the foods that guarantee good health. But what about black soyhave you heard?

Although not yet well known, the variety has been widely sought after and draws attention because it is healthier than conventional.

It can be said that the black soy Is it a turbocharged version? of traditional soy. Every 100 grams of the grain contains 40 grams of protein, which represents 57% of a healthy person's daily needs for the nutrient.

How to consume black soy? Do you lose weight?

THE black soy It can be found in grains and flour, a novelty that is giving the talk.

THE black soy flour starvation, increase mood, prevent disease, fight PMS. And the best, the black soy flour thin Yes, it is possible to eliminate 4kg in one month.

You should not replace meals with flour, but associate it with the daily menu by adding a tablespoon to the juices, vitamins, yoghurt and mixing in the food. For good results, you need to drink about two liters of water a day.

Benefits of Black Soy Flour

As it is a high fiber food, when consuming the black soy flour you have the feeling of satiety and it takes you long to be hungry again. The large amount of protein fights weakness and anemia, the result is greater willingness to face daily tasks.

Between the benefits of black soy flour Disease prevention is also a food rich in isoflavones and anthocyanins, substances that help in weight loss, control of high cholesterol and fight cancer, especially breast cancer.

Isoflavones also counteract the symptoms of PMS and the symptoms of menopause, as it has a similar structure to the female estrogen hormone, which is reduced during this period and causes discomfort.

The black soybean hull has a powerful antioxidant agent called anthocyanin, responsible for its dark color. This element, also found in acai, jabuticaba and purple grape skins, helps the body produce a substance that burns the fat stored in the body.

In addition black soy flour is good to the heart and counteracts the action of free radicals, slowing the aging process.

Black Soy Flour Recipe

If you were excited to know that black soy flour thin and want to include in the diet, you can buy the product ready, but it is also easy to do at home. Write down the black soy flour recipe.

You will only need 200 g of black soybeans, which should be placed in the preheated oven, in a medium shallow baking dish and toasted for 20 minutes at low temperature.

Let cool and mash in a blender until you get a peanut-like flour. THE black soy flour It should be stored in a tightly closed glass, in a refrigerator or in a cool place.

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