Each in its square

Amazingly, even extremely popular and dubious artistic songs can have their wisdom. Here I am, starting my day and thinking about the chorus: Do I take each one in your square?

Yeah. Each person has their square and in the corporate world it is best to identify it as soon as possible. I'm talking about Behavioral Profiles.

According to the Profiler methodology, we define the four profiles in Performer, Communicator, Planner and Analyst. I propose an exercise: Think about your work, your team, and try to place each co-worker in your square. Yes, here you can put each one in their place!

The first square is that of communicators. Do you know those enthusiastic, friendly people? People who like to tell stories, are optimistic, keep the office strictly disorganized and are always gesturing and smiling with their eyes.

Could you identify? If you still need help, think about the colleague who always gets attention at parties and is always surrounded by people. This is the communicator.

Now think of that fellow leader, who takes charge of things, usually gets involved with causes. He is always doing many things, in a hurry and late, is impatient, impulsive tries to take care of everything, is straightforward in speaking and maintains steady eye contact. It is usually what vibrates with each challenge and plunges into them body and soul until you get the best result. Could you identify? You just found out you have colleagues performers.

Now pay attention: look for a more reserved, peaceful, calm colleague, always willing to help. That diplomatic person who can have a slow pace and longer reactions. This colleague is a good listener and keeps the table well organized.

Did you find it? These are the dear ones planners. But before you choose it as the Profile of the Year, beware. Planners they are volcanoes that take a long time to get active, but when it happens, it's better not to be around!

Now only one square is left. This is quiet, methodical and perfectionist organized. Tends to avoid eye contact. It may seem "cold", little expressive, has a precise and logical questioning. They have few but good friends and are often very loyal to the point of self-sacrifice. They are sensitive people, calm and ready to organize their life. We just identified a analyst.

Ready. Now that you have identified the four profiles and placed them in the appropriate squares. It is good to remember that people cannot be framed in just one behavioral profile. Usually they have two predominant profiles and label is never good.

Meet the behavioral profile People Management is a great people management and life management tool! You can work on Performance Enhancement, Conflict Management, Coaching and POI.

In the next meetings we will talk about each profile from a female perspective in a series of four articles that we will call Woman's Profile. Don't miss it!

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