Ecological decoration

Have you thought you can contribute even more to the conservation of the environment in your home? In addition to everything we already know can be done at home to have a greener attitude? with the world, such as sorting out the garbage and spending only the necessary water and electricity, another alternative to make your home more beautiful is to bet on environmentally friendly decoration.

THE ecological decoration It just depends on your creativity to stay cool. Start at the exterior of the house, go for your garden and if you don't have a green space at home, beautifully decorated environments like living room, kitchen and bathrooms with flower pots decorated with reused materials.

You can take advantage of old tires and paint them in different colors to use as pots, giving your yard an irreverent touch. When choosing plants, always seek to know where they come from and whether they are organic to value right attitudes toward the environment.

The objects of ecological decoration They can be made with materials that are not being used in your home. Cut out cardboard boxes into small geometric shapes and innovate by creating panels to display photos on some empty wall. Make your own wallpaper with scraps of different materials such as thicker, colorful, patterned fabrics and papers. Anyway, as your creativity and good taste dictate.

Decorate wooden old boxes with paint, drawings. Bring the family together and create new objects from others that have been set aside. Boxes always end up piling up in houses and even cardboard boxes can be used for decoration. Even empty rolls of toilet paper, when folded, are shaped like a tree leaf and can be combined to make the walls of the house more beautiful.

Non-returnable glass bottles can also be used to decorate or delimit small spaces. Fill them with colored liquids or other materials such as caps and small objects, thus taking advantage of other materials that would go to waste. Repurpose old teapots and pots into potted plants or kitchen utensils.

It is essential that for ecologically decorate In your home, you should be aware of the source of new objects you purchase and buy only those that are environmentally friendly. Also, before buying any decorative objects, consider whether it is really necessary to buy a new one or whether you can make that decoration out of objects you already own. Make the most of everything you have at home to decorate and contribute to the diminishing environmental impact.

Eco-friendly interior decoration with printable wallpaper for LATEX & UV inks (April 2021)

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