Egyptian Hair Removal: Know The Benefits And Learn How It Is Made

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Laser hair removal with hot wax, cold wax, blade? There are so many treatment options to get rid of hair that it is common to doubt: what is the most efficient way? Have you heard of threading, also called Egyptian hair removal? This technique, made with a cotton thread, does not harm the skin, has no contraindication and can be done on all parts of the body.

If you don't know the method yet or have questions, it's time to clarify them all! We consulted the epilator Vania da Silva, Antoneli Beauty and Aesthetics who answers the most frequently asked questions asked by those who want to try this formula full of benefits.

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  • Benefits of Egyptian Hair Removal
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Benefits of Egyptian Hair Removal

  • There are no contraindications;
  • Do not harm the skin;
  • Does not stain the skin;
  • The fur takes longer to grow;
  • Does not cause allergy;
  • It can be done even if the person is undergoing cosmetic treatment.

Epilator clarifies key questions about Egyptian hair removal

Find out here how hair removal is done, what body parts you can do, and other important questions.

How is Egyptian Hair Removal done?

Vania epilator explains that Egyptian hair removal is done with a white cotton thread. This line is crossed in the hands of the professional, who will pull the hair that will be removed from the root.

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Can Egyptian hair removal be done on all parts of the body?

Yes, as long as the surface to be shaved is straight.

Is there any care after Egyptian shaving?

According to Vania, no specific care is required after shaving and the great advantage is that unlike other forms of shaving, the woman can go straight to the beach or pool.

Are there any disadvantages to doing Egyptian hair removal?

According to Vania, Egyptian hair removal has only advantages for women.

Does Egyptian hair removal hurt?

Like the other methods of hair removal, the Egyptian also hurts, but everything will depend on the sensitivity of women.

How long does Egyptian hair removal last?

Again, this varies with each woman's body, but overall hair takes 20 to 30 days to grow back.

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Although it can be used all over the body, Egyptian hair removal is mainly done to remove facial hair such as eyebrow and fluff.

How to do Egyptian Hair Removal

It is advisable that you look for a professional to perform the procedure, but if you already have a certain type of experience, it is worth checking how the hair removal is done and try to do it at home if you feel comfortable.

Egyptian Eyebrow Hair Removal

In this video you will see the walkthrough of how Egyptian eyebrow shaving is done. Learn the right way to sanitize your skin even how to hold the line and handle it.

Tricks for Egyptian Hair Removal

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Before taking the line and doing Egyptian hair removal, some care with the line is required. Learn in this video the main tips and tricks not to miss!

How to do Egyptian hair removal at home

Let's confess that doing Egyptian hair removal at home is not an easy task, but with a little training and skill this is possible. In this video you will learn how to hold the line, how to position it on your face, and some tips for fluffing.

Facial Hair Removal

In addition to eyebrow and fluff, see how to remove hair that are born in other areas of the face. The video is very explanatory.

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Remember all the benefits of Egyptian waxing and take this test!

Want to know more about hair removal? The best way is to check out all existing types of hair removal and find out which one is right for you.

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