Empowered Woman's Guide Every Day: From A to Z

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Female empowerment has been a much talked about and studied subject. This force that drives women to fight for equality and to speak out for recognition is very important and needs to be encouraged. But how to live true empowerment in everyday life? Here are some important steps to achieve it.

Check out our empowered woman's guide every day with key words A through Z that will help your personal and social growth.

(Self love

Can you look in the mirror and see the wonderful woman you are? Self-esteem is often not part of our lives, but it must be a daily construct to make our relationship with ourselves better. One step at a time, in your own way, appreciating who you are and loving every part of your being: embrace self-love and make it your greatest guide.


Do not be afraid to speak up and fight for your rights and the women around you. The world needs people who scream and seek a better life for everyone. The world needs noise. Join women who want to fight with you and stay together to overcome all obstacles.


Read, question, research, teach? Knowledge moves the world and is an important element in your life. No matter how: knowledge is hidden everywhere, whether academic environments or not. The knowledge is in that important college class, but also in the lessons learned from your grandmother. Learn from life and for life!

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(Take off

Do not be afraid to dream. Run after your biggest goals without worrying about the opinions of others. You were born to shine, born to be happy. So allow yourself to take your feet off the floor from time to time. Do not shelve your dreams, but realize them. There is a huge universe waiting to be conquered!


Imagine if everyone put themselves in the shoes of others before making judgments? Surely the world would be a better place to live. Have empathy for all women, respect their struggles, their past and their difficulties. There is no way to know the strength of the other's pain, so what remains is to respect and try to understand.


You may think otherwise, but feminism is very important to your life. Without it you could not work, vote, and would not have the freedom you have today. However, there is much to move forward. Do not be fooled by the thoughts created by those who do not even know what this movement is. Learn a little more about feminism, its goals and understand once and for all that it fights for a fairer and more dignified world for all.


Sometimes life is difficult and we forget to thank for the little things that make us happy. This daily exercise is important to our health, well-being and ensures peace of mind. Be grateful for the simplest things, such as the sun that shines in the morning or rain that wets the city. Gratitude transforms our lives and makes us each day happier and more fulfilled.


If there's one thing that history proves is women's strength. Their struggles, pursuits, and achievements have helped shape the world we know today. Learn the history of the important women of the feminist movement, but also the lives of women who are part of your city. The accounts of such strong and determined people will help you fight for your rights.

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Even with so many advances, women are taught to be ashamed of their bodies and to hide them. In addition, they are also cautioned not to talk about sex and its desires. Do not let these sexist thoughts dominate your life. Know your body, know your wants, experience new sensations, trance and don't let taboos keep you from understanding and living.


Do not let anything and no one make you close to the world. There is so much to explore, so many stories to know, people to be enchanted, landscapes to photograph? There are many possibilities and they can only be seen when our windows are open so that the sun and the gentle breeze can enter. Have no fear!

(K) eep calm

There are times in life when the right thing to do is take a deep breath and move on. In order not to get frayed with vain struggles, know which are the right battles that deserve to be won. Keep calm, slow down, don't lose your breath and get ready for the great wars that may arise. As for small everyday conflicts, resolve them in the simplest way and use the rest of the time to rest.

(L) listen

The word 'crazy' is often used pejoratively, but how about changing that meaning? The crazy woman is the one who fights for what she wants, knows what she wants and doesn't care about the opinions of others. Turn this supposed insult into a compliment. We are all crazy, and crazy because we are ourselves. Embrace who you are and show everyone the strength you have. The world needs the courage of crazy women.


Do not stand still! Make your life a constant movement for happiness. Dance, jump, run, sing? Exercise your body and mind and do not let yourself be led by inertia. Know your limits, feel the sweat on your skin, but also allow yourself to rest.

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Don't be afraid to say no! We often submit to situations that do not please us for fear of hurting others. However, we need to be selfish as well and express our opinions and wills to avoid experiencing unpleasant moments. So don't forget: um? No? can be as positive as a yes.


Did you choose to be a businesswoman? Take pride. Did you choose to stay home taking care of your children? Take pride. Don't you see yourself as a mother and chose not to be? Take pride. Be proud of the amazing woman you are, be proud of your choices and your life. The opinion of others matters little: do what you want, not what they expect from you. Fill your chest with pride and show the world how happy you are with your choices.


How to talk about female empowerment without talking about power ?! Power is the force that moves the woman. It is the help that drives each of us to overcome every obstacle in life. All women are powerful and deserve to have their space within society. Let this power take hold of you and show all your strength to the world!

(Q) uilo

Do you know that number that appears on the scale? It doesn't matter and it doesn't define who you are. We live in a world full of standards, but they can no longer be the basis of our lives. Forget about such? Beauty indicators? and admire and love your body as it is. Live a light, happy life, and don't let this insignificant word ruin your self-esteem.

(R) representativeness

Do you know that feeling of seeing yourself in a movie character, book or even certain songs? This is the power of representativeness. We need women who represent minorities, who use their voice to encourage those who no longer have hope, and who occupy spaces they once did not have access to. It's important that female representativeness conquer every possible place for all women to understand that they are capable of amazing things!

(S) orority

Hand in hand with empathy, sorority comes to further humanize our relationship with other women. This word, which means "to behave like a sister," is the basis for a solid and unbreakable female alliance. We already suffer so many prejudices and so many macho judgments every day, so why do we still attack each other? Leave the judgments aside, try to understand the opinions of the women next to you, and show them that this fight is everyone's business.

(T) overflow

Like water overflowing from an already full glass, run to places beyond your comfort. Use your privileges to help the women who need them most? but of course without silencing anyone. Advise, be light, offer your strength, and hold the hand of all those who have difficulties that may be small for you. Overflow and fill your sisters' lives with love and understanding.


More than empowering alone, collective empowerment is even more important. Join women you admire, create discussion groups, study groups, listen to each other, and walk side by side to gain more space. If by yourself you can go far, if united with other amazing women you can go even further.


Many women are raped for hours in Brazil. Although high, this number is often ignored. It is time to change that. Do not be silent, do not suffer alone. If this happens to you, don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to the women around you and tell them what is going on. If this is happening to someone you know, help. One voice alone may not make much difference, but several united voices can change the world.

(W) ww

Use the internet for good. Make her an empowering tool for you and other women. Create, sell, discuss, research, learn new stories, and publicize the work of the women you admire. Use this space to spread good news and encourage others to do the same.


Just stop what hurts you! We often submit to some things for comfort or fear of saying no. This cannot happen anymore. Set aside habits, actions, or even people that only hurt your life.Arm yourself with love, strength and courage and face these obstacles head-on to give the long-awaited checkmate. After that, the battle will be over.

(Y) in-yang

Like everything in life, we are made of contradictions. At one time we are fire, at another we are ice. Now we want to run, now we want to stop. Contradictions are important, because they are what guarantee the balance of our lives. If you have chosen a path but want to go back and change course, there is no problem: we all have the right to contradict each other and learn from our mistakes.


Be your best company. Set aside special time in your week to take care of you. Read, rest, watch a movie, run, use body cream, meditate, savor your favorite food? Learn to take care of your body and mind, after all, you are your own home.

Embrace this guide with all your might and understand that change happens one step at a time. Believe in yourself, don't hide your voice and invite other women to embark on this empowering adventure with you. Together we can do so much more!


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