English water: what it is, what it is for and how to use the product

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English water is a herbal medicine well known among women trying to get pregnant, because the product would have the power to clean the womb, helping the process. But do you know what English water really is for? The product is composed of a mix of herbs and is indicated for digestive problems such as lack of appetite and difficulty in digestion.

There are many myths and truths surrounding English water. To clarify these doubts and help you consume the product correctly, consult the professor and pharmacist Luís Marques, member of the Paulista Association of Phytotherapy.

What is English water for?

English water is a compound made up of various bitter herbs and is indicated for digestive problems (poor appetite, difficulty digesting and stomach pain). The drug is classified as a purifier, ie a product that improves the body's elimination process, facilitating the digestion, evacuation and metabolizing activities of the liver, so the body works better, nutrients are digested the way correct and the bowel returns to normal functioning.

Besides the official indications of the product, each ingredient has individual benefits, but according to Professor Luís, the digestive effects are the most effective.

English water: how to take

  • General use:According to the package insert, one chalice (30 ml) should be taken before meals;
  • Gestation: Although efficacy for pregnancy is not proven, it is recommended to start treatment two to three months before the planned pregnancy period and to discontinue use during pregnancy.

It is important to respect and take the right amount of product. If accidental ingestion greater than recommended occurs, seek medical attention.

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  • Stomach hyperacidity: although stomach pain and loss of appetite are among the symptoms, English water is not recommended;
  • Epilepsy: people with epilepsy should not use the product;
  • Gastritis: It is important to seek medical help for the recommendation of a suitable drug;
  • Gastroduodenal ulcers: ulcers can be mistaken for simple indigestion, so be aware;
  • Pregnancy: Although not abortive, use may cause fetal malformation;
  • Cardiac arrhythmia: According to Professor Luís, those who have cardiac arrhythmia should be careful about its use because of the presence of the yellow quina herb;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: Symptoms include constipation and abdominal cramps, but only the doctor can make the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medication;

Although no prescription is required to buy English water, consult a doctor before use as only he can tell you if the herbal medicine is the right medicine for your problem.

Common questions

There are many myths about the use of English water. Professor and pharmacist Luís Marques clarifies here the main doubts about the product:

1. Can English water help you get pregnant?

English water is widely used by tempting women, but Luís clarifies that studies are still lacking to confirm or deny these possibilities. Specifically I don't think so, but it certainly can help in general cases. If the couple has severe organic or systemic changes, is it unlikely that the product will reverse them ?, says the teacher.

2. Can English water abort?

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Pregnant women should move away from the product. Although it has not been scientifically proven that the drug can cause miscarriage, the formula takes cinnamon, used in attempts to regularize menstrual cycles.

According to Luis, there are also reports that the quina can interfere with pregnancy, harming the fetus and causing malformation: "This is different from being abortive, but can harm the fetus without eliminating it, which is absolutely negative," warns the teacher.

3. Does English water clean the uterus?

There is much talk of using English water as a uterine purifier, eliminating substances that may prevent or hinder pregnancy, but there is no data to prove the effectiveness of the product for this purpose.

4. How does English water contribute to postpartum?

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Some women have doubts about using English water to clean the uterus after delivery, but there is no specific data to prove its usefulness.

5. Does English water get thin or fat?

English water contains two ingredients known to help with weight loss: carqueja and cinnamon. The first is known for its diuretic effects, while the second for being a thermogenic. The teacher explains, however, that these data relate to each of the plants in isolation, it is not known whether these effects occur with the ingredients together and how much they are put into the English water formula.

For those who think of using English water to gain weight, the evidence is greater thanks to the presence of purifiers: "By improving the body in general, they appetite and favor weight gain," says Luís.

6. Who can breastfeed ingest English water?

Women who are breastfeeding should avoid using English water, as the bitter ingredients of the formula pass into breast milk, causing the newborn to be unable to take it and hampering the breastfeeding period.

Although English water is a compound made of natural products, care must be taken in its use, read the package leaflet carefully and, if in doubt, seek medical attention.


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