Executive Makeup

The woman who likes to be always well groomed should get ready for both going out and going to work. However, each occasion calls for a type of look, a different spice for the look.

The executive woman not only needs to take care of her clothes, with sober and feminine looks, but also must worry about the makeup that can be used to finish her look.

To help you when choosing the make ideal to go to work or for that super important business lunch, here are some tips that can be very helpful.

Flawless skin

Even those who do not like makeup very much can make their skin more beautiful, healthy and even with the help of some products. Using foundation, blush and face powder is already a basic feature that makes a lot of difference in the face.

So even if you don't really like makeup, try investing in the skin of your face by following the steps below:

  1. Apply concealer on smudged areas or dark circles;
  2. Wipe the foundation of your choice with your fingers, a brush or a sponge? where the brush is what makes the final result more uniform;
  3. Blush the cheekbones, remembering that earthy and more natural tones are indicated because they make the face look healthy without being too apparent;
  4. Apply the powder to the face to reduce greasiness and finalize the skin, even over the area where you applied the blush to make the mixture between powder and blush very homogeneous and natural.

Details to enrich makeup

Once your skin is even more beautiful, you can enhance your look without overdoing it with the following products:

Mascara / Eyelash Mask: Eyelashes, when highlighted, make all the difference in makeup. So, it's worth betting on the eyelash mask of your choice to add a touch of charm to your executive look.

Lipstick: You're going to work, but you want to be feminine even with the formal work clothes, so apply a soft lipstick to complement the look. Colors like mauve (burnt pink) look great for business women and match virtually every skin.

Eyeliner: Bet on a kitty outlined look to make your executive look more delicate and feminine. This is one of the details that makes all the difference and for those who have difficulty making the dash the tip is to train a lot at home before making the outline to go to work.

If you want to outline the eyebrows, you can brush a brown eyebrow shadow with a beveled brush. But remember that this should be done very smoothly so that the eyebrows don't get too dark and flashy. If your eyebrows are light, it is best to use a shade in a similar shade rather than brown. The more natural the result, the better.

We hope these tips have been helpful in making your executive look even more charming and making you an even more powerful and beautiful woman.

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