Eyebrows with makeup

That the eyebrows They are the frame of the look, everyone already knows. Now, what is the best way to define them correctly without leaving the aspect compromised and unfinished? Know that there are several products on the market that help in beautifying the eyebrows, making the face even more beautiful.

Eyebrow pencil

O eyebrow pencil allows you to better define the shape or correct any eyebrow flaws, or even lengthen them if necessary. This product is young, so until recently the eyebrows were worked with the common graphite pencil that is not suitable for this purpose, but in the past, improvisation was a very common practice for makeup artists, as the market did not offer specific products. for the most diverse functions and purposes.

After brushing the eyebrows with the appropriate brush, choose the color of the pencil that most closely matches the natural color of the eyebrow hair (not the hair, which may be another shade). Apply the product close to the hair root, reinforcing the natural shape of the eyebrows.

There are several color options, which usually range from light brown, dark brown and graphite. Take care to apply the product gently so as not to leave it marked or smudged. If necessary, brush the eyebrows with the brush to disguise the stroke.

Some prefer to better define the eyebrows shape or correct glitches by using opaque compact shadows in a watercolor effect. To do this, use a thin beveled brush moistened with water and then load in the shadow and apply over the eyebrows, obtaining a watery effect in that region. The procedure with shadows may not offer much fixation or durability, since the pencil is the most suitable because its formulation is prepared for this region of the face; both because of the oiliness of the skin and for eventual absorption of the product.

Finish the finish on the eyebrows by applying the colorless eyelash mask over them, which allows you to better define the hair and fix them, also removing any excess base or dust that may compromise the definition and shape of the eyebrows.

There are some other options for eyebrow makeup; These are products that can offer volume, leaving thicker hair, worth a try.

Perfectly defined and contoured eyebrows denote a flawless and natural beauty to the face, and frame the eyes, which claim to be the window of the soul.

PERFECT EYEBROWS TUTORIAL | Everything You Need To Know (May 2021)

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