Facing the pain of obesity

With each passing year increases the rate of obesity in the country, according to recent survey data Vigitel (Surveillance of Risk Factors and Protection for Chronic Diseases by Telephone Survey) have just been released by the Ministry of Health (MS).

After collecting information in 26 Brazilian state capitals and the Federal District, the result showed that 48.5% of the Brazilian population is overweight. The number increased compared to previous results: in 2006, the proportion was 42.7%. In the same period, the percentage of obese rose from 11.4% to 15.8%.

We see that along with the weight that accumulates in the body, the pain that this disease spreads, settles inside people in order to develop low self-esteem, depression, among other associated diseases.

It is the screaming pain that settles around the body, leaving a large number of people without stimulation to seek a way out. We know the ways to combat it, but they are inefficient when the real desire to lose weight is not concrete.

Between wanting to lose weight and deciding lose weight It has a huge difference, and it clearly marks the success stories or not in the pursuit of a lean weight.

The causes are varied, but we know that the environment is one of the factors that most influence this process, followed by poor diet, physical inactivity, genetics. But not everything is black when we think of the hard pursuit of change, because we have internal tools that we can use to change this picture.

Unfortunately, we do not always pay due attention to these measures, and simply contemplate the filling of the body, without seeking measures to empty it.

Leaving the comfort zone requires desire and commitment, important aspects in any change we want to make in our lives. Commitment means commitment, and we will have to put into action several measures that can assist in the pursuit of a healthy body.

We know that the tripod for health is in food, emotional and physical re-education, and we have several professionals qualified for this process, and it is up to each of us to start.

It is not always easy to start, but as we allow ourselves to experiment, we will detect the benefits that changes bring us, which will facilitate the proposal to stay within our goal.

Beginning with physical activity, we see that there are several possibilities to choose from, from the most varied dances, to running in the park, to rollerblading, to climbing, all with a touch of pleasure. But when we imagine doing some activity we focus only on the best known activities, but why not try something new, which brings us to a greater pleasure?

From this decision, starting food rehabilitation is easier, because if we are taking care of the body, nourishing it better becomes a goal, but for many this whole process is still difficult, entering therapy as a way to find out what has to do with it. behind so much stamina and desire to eat.

Taking care of these three aspects, we walk safely in the healthy slim body search, reaping results that favor our health and self-esteem.

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