Fashion and beauty etiquette for every age

Should women, at all ages, take care of themselves, always applying sunscreen, moisturizing their skin, taking care of their eyes, investing in clean makeup and hair? however, care may vary slightly with each age. Here are some tips to let you know what to consider as you get ready at each stage of life.

At 20

Fashion: This is the time to dare, follow trends and create irreverent looks. At this age you can bet on different colors, textures and cutouts, because pretty much everything can look good on you.

Beauty: As for beauty care at this age, this is also your right time to dare. Bet on the color makeup as well as the dark smoky, strong lipsticks are also a sure choice, but remember that when the mouth is in evidence the eyes should be more discreet and vice versa. Bet on different hairstyles, colors and cuts for the hair without fear of being happy. However, be sure to take care of the health of the wires as well.

At 30

Fashion: At this stage of life the ideal is to look for more structures pieces and more exquisite fabrics. You should choose pieces that value your type of silhouette and do not leave you looking like you are ten years older. Avoid overdoing necklines and short lengths to avoid vulgarizing the look.

Beauty: At 30 prefer haircuts that match your face well, do not risk so much following trends of cuts and colors. As for beauty, consider habits that match your lifestyle, for example: if you have little time to take care of your hair, prefer not to light or dye your hair so you don't have to go to the salon every fortnight.

At 40

Fashion: In terms of fashion it is suggested to prefer classic looks and season with accessories that match your taste and personality. For example, if you like a lot of color you can work on accessories, shoes and bag.

Beauty: At this age maybe some whites are already starting to appear, so it's time to take care of that detail. Prefer a color that will not damage your hair so much and that will be practical. The makeup should be light and always tend to the natural, but carefully as concealer and powder not to accentuate small lines and wrinkles.

50 or older

Fashion: Tailoring suits very well for women 50 and above this age, so quality and good fabrics are always welcome. Accessories should accompany the look so as not to get too serious.

Beauty: At this age the ideal is to invest in treatments to take care of the thinning of the hair and the possible fall of the hair. Makeup should be light and minimal to keep the face natural and healthy looking only. Prefer to use a lip gloss instead of lipstick so as not to accentuate the wrinkles around the lips.


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