Female Executives

Today the article will be short and objective. After all, women performers act this way.

What are these women like?

Female performers They need challenges and autonomy more than anyone else. They are bold and know very well where they want to go. They are competitive and challenging. They are familiar with rational arguments and have extraordinary energy. Fast and objective, they support life under pressure very well. They like to do several things at the same time and always get involved in many projects, so they are often in a hurry or even late.

Extroverts tend to take on all projects and take the lead quickly. They are not intimidated by a conflict, they have quick and accurate arguments. These women soon gain visibility through the boldness and results achieved.

What do they need to develop?

Since no profile is perfect, women performers They must understand that a good leader must know how to be led before he can lead. They must accept that not all people live at the same time as them, and that a little patience and tolerance for each other is not harmful to anyone.

Developing empathy is also critical not to become an isolated person. It is important to note that the end is fundamental as long as the means are legitimate for her and the people around her. In time; Prioritizing family and friends a little more can do performer.

How to Deal with a Female Executor

What to do?

  • Empower her to achieve the results. Female performers need an environment where they have control and prestige;
  • Focus on the business, work objectively and firmly and offer high workload and challenges;
  • Recognize and highlight your results and success stories. Surely she will work hard to make the next case even better.

What not to do?

  • Be very detailed and little objective. Nothing more boring and annoying for a woman of performer profile that a long conversation full of details and twists and turns;
  • Give you many rules. Do performers do better in environments where paradigms can be broken and created, of course?
  • Create a routine and slow environment. This is sick! Routine and slowness for a performer is boredom or right ulcer!

We have already talked about the two profiles of greatest extroversion and explosion, from the next article we will enter the environment of greater introversion and constancy. Until then!

Why Female Executives Need to Train Like Athletes | Fortune (April 2021)

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