Female self-esteem

The question is simple: what is your value? If you have difficulty or could not answer, do not be alarmed, this is very common. We are usually much easier at assigning values ​​to others than ourselves. Why does it happen? THE self esteem it arises through positive and negative relationships since our birth. The more your child feels loved and safe, the more likely they are to become confident adults. On the other hand, a child who grows up hearing that he is unwanted, not capable, unintelligent, not handsome, etc., will probably be an insecure adult, resulting in difficulties choosing a profession (I am not good at all) , to make friends (I'm not nice enough) and to love achievements (I'm not pretty).

It is important to say that the self esteem It is the internal value that we attributed to ourselves and has nothing to do with the external (physical), because if it were that way only actresses and models would have a good self-esteem. A woman can really feel better being well groomed, but that does not mean having self-esteem, especially because an insecure woman can be extremely vain (fear of being judged by others) while another can leave home without combing her hair and being overconfident ( I'm pretty anyway).

The signs of low self-esteem are many and we can mention among them: need for approval (recognition and pleasing); dependence (financial and emotional); insecurity (jealousy); do not allow yourself to err, perfectionist; feeling of not being able to accomplish anything; do not believe in yourself and anyone; constant doubts, doubts of its own value; depression; anxiety; envy; fear; rage; aggressiveness; convenience; shame; difficulty in growing professionally and feeling of inferiority.

How to improve self-esteem? There are no magic formulas, the only solution is self-knowledge, we can compare our lives to a messy wardrobe, where it is very difficult to find clean clothes (qualities), so we need to see which clothes need to be washed, which ones no longer fit. (get rid of the hurts that only weigh and take up space in our lives) and which ones are brand new and never used (potential).

Although laborious, self-knowledge allows us to see things more clearly, finding our qualities, often muffled and nullified by ourselves and others. The first step is to want change, having difficulties, don't be shy about looking for a professional. Be happy!

Low Self Esteem In Women - Why Women Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Men (April 2021)

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