Financial infidelity

Financial infidelity happens when someone starts to hide financial information from their mate. The most common types of financial infidelity are hiding expense amounts or not letting your partner know the real value of your salary.

The problem of financial infidelity can begin very simply, such as omitting or decreasing the value of a mall purchase. Another common form of this kind of infidelity is to hide your partner's debts.

There are more serious cases where one ends up separating all their expenses and even creating bank accounts without the partner knowing to have more freedom with their own money or not to explain the expenses? or you do not need to share these resources as needed

In these cases, it is possible for the person to do this too so that only the other person will be responsible for the household expenses. However, if you realize that you are doing this or that your partner is being financially unfaithful, the first step is to open the game and try to find a way to solve the problem together.

If in your case the problem is overspending, try to control your spending or find out if there is a problem with compulsion buying, as this can be dealt with as long as the person assumes the problem and wants to be helped.

Another factor to keep in mind is that when you have been in the relationship for a longer time, the couple's finances are somehow intertwined. Remember that in relationships trust and sincerity are very important. So think carefully before you combine your resources and expenses with someone else's.

Regardless of what attitude in the couple's relationship led to financial infidelity, it is essential that this problem be clearly discussed so that there is no distrust and a feeling of discomfort between the two. This kind of negative feeling can even lead the couple to end the relationship. Therefore, evaluate your attitudes and prepare for possible necessary changes.

The Truth About Financial Infidelity - Dave Ramsey Rant (August 2021)

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