Flaked enamel degradation

After the variations of the traditional, color-contrasting French fingernail from matte to shiny nail polish, Tips today has focused on the flake only on the tip of the nail. It's like a French or English nail, but not so straight and much brighter.

If you have not yet found the courage to use flaked nail polish for fear of making your nails too flashy or have tired of the shiny full nails, the flaky French nail polish. It can be a much more discreet option. And to do at home, there is no secret.

The cool thing is to create a contrast between the color of the enamel that will be underneath and that of the flaked enamel. Another suggestion is to use the same color but in different shades. Thus, the effect looks like a gradient with flock. And that's what we did!

How to do the gradient with nail flake

To begin making, pass two layers of the glaze that will serve as a base. Here we use Hippie Rua from the Impala Novo 70 Collection. Once dry, we apply the flaked nail polish from top to bottom towards the tip of the nail to the cuticle. Our choice was Peace and Love, also from the same collection. If you prefer glitter nail polish other than the flocked version, the gradient nail looks great too.

If the mark of the flaked enamel over the base enamel is very evident, finish by applying a colorless base to disguise, but be careful that the enamel layers are not too thick.

If you liked the idea, now that you have learned how to make a gradient with flock, how about betting on our suggestion to enjoy the weekend?

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