Floor standing mirrors

Mirrors are always on the rise in decoration. They make the house more beautiful, provide a feeling of spaciousness and reflect with charm the lighting giving a touch of sophistication to the environments. In addition to appearing fixed to the wall or as furniture details just as complements, mirrors can also be the big stars of the decoration.

Wide and tall models can be used on the floor and against the wall, leaving the environment stripped. The appeal of floor standing mirrors It can be used in the corner of a room, by the bed, behind dressers, tables and armchairs and even in the bathroom.

If the floor standing mirror If you have a beautiful frame, the result is even more beautiful. The tip is to choose a frame that matches the other elements and be careful of the hype.

Another tip not to compromise the decoration, you need to know the mirror type sure to be used in each place.

In environments where the decor is already heavily loaded, choose mirrors with plain frames or even without frames. For more neutral environments, abuse the most crafted frames in classic style and with striking colors that match the decor.

An important tip, especially for those with children at home, is to fix the mirrors on the walls undercover. That way you avoid accidents or breaking the parts.

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