Florals for your well-being

The floral They are liquid medicines prepared with wildflower extracts and have positive effects on emotional imbalances and physical ills. Mood swings, tiredness, shyness, insomnia, lack of concentration, depression and stress are some of the problems that can be solved. The use of floral It can also help to overcome trauma and raise self esteem.

Flower treatment

The florals act in four steps:

  • Relaxation: Promotes a feeling of calm and invigoration on the first day of use.
  • Recognition: At this stage, symptoms improve and the courage to cope with pain and frustration begins to emerge.
  • Resistance: This phase occurs in longer treatments and requires extra motivation as it arouses bitter memories.
  • Renovation: It is the final phase of treatment, in which results appear through more positive attitudes and habits.

For deeper problems it is necessary to proceed with the four stages, but for momentary problems it is possible to close the flower treatment already in the second step.

How to use the florals

In general, the indication of how to use the florals It is diluting the liquid in water or fruit juice or dripping four drops under the tongue four times a day. However, the optimal dosage and duration of flower treatment varies according to the needs of each patient.

The floral medicines They can be easily found in pharmacies handling and homeopathy, and the price of the drug varies depending on the number of essences used. Although you do not require a prescription to purchase, it is always best to consult a specialist therapist to find out which essences are right for you.

There are 38 types of essences, each acting in a specific emotional state and most of the time, up to six flower essences are mixed in a bottle for treatment. Meet some flower essences and your indication:

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