Gel Eyeliner: The 10 Best for You to Buy and Hit the Dash

Marina Ruy Barbosa

A well-designed outline highlights basic make-up and completes powerful make-ups, but we don't always get it right in the perfect first line. With that in mind, the top beauty brands launched the gel eyeliner: an easier-to-apply product because its less liquid formula allows precise, fast-drying features that last for hours and hours.

We have selected the top 10 gel eyeliner to choose from and call your own tutorials on how to use the product and rock the make. Check out!

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What is the best gel eyeliner?

The main beauty brands already have gel eyeliner in their makeup lines. To help you find the right one for you, we've selected the top 10 to buy. Check out the advantages of each and the opinion of those who have used!

1. MAC Gel Eyeliner

Used by many professional makeup artists, this gel eyeliner promises long lasting and easy to apply. According to the brand, the product has a silky smooth finish and a precise trace.

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“His finish is dry and the fixation is very good. After a full day on the eyelid, the stroke looks new! [?] I love the texture and how it stays beautiful all day in my eyes. ? Marina Smith

2. Inglot Gel Eyeliner

A favorite of bloggers, Inglot's gel eyeliner impresses with its quality. In addition to fast drying and high pigmentation, the product does not stamp on the eyelid and is water resistant. Although the price is a little high, the eyeliner is worth the investment and lasts for a long time.

“It's actually the blackest eyeliner I've ever used, and best of all, it goes mega black with a single application. [?] He has super-fast drying, [?] Another plus point that amazed me is that he doesn't transfer from the eyelid.? ? Bruna Malheiros

3. Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner

Mary Kay's eyeliner promises precise features, whether thin or more dramatic. Its gel formula is lightweight, allowing for quick drying and long lasting. The product is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, so it is suitable for those with skin allergies or eye irritation.

I liked its texture and applicability. The product is soft and glides very easy, which makes the stroke much easier to do. He's pigmented but not that super black charcoal, you know? ? Duda Fernandes

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4. Luisance Gel Eyeliner

Luisance gel eyeliner is affordable and a good quality product. The brand promises intense pigmentation, high durability and the eyeliner comes with the brush for application. A wonder, isn't it?

"Good, cheap, and leaves a very nice finish." Even because of the texture it made it much easier to make a thicker outline. [?] The brush is perfect. Very hard and thin bristles, which helps and many who have no way to apply the eyeliner more easily. ? Marcia Sales

5. Apothecary Intense Gel Eyeliner

This eyeliner comes with the applicator on the lid and is super easy to apply, as its texture is soft and smooth. The brand promises 12 hours long and a precise stroke that won't blur.

"It looks very beautiful. [?] It meets what is in the package, is easy to apply, the brush is cool, its texture is light and soft, has high coverage and really lasts 12 hours in the eyes." ? Tania Zanini

6. Gel eyeliner you said, berenice?

The eyeliner you said, berenice? is national, which makes its price more affordable. The product glides superb on the eyelid, promises long lasting and is waterproof.

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The texture of this eyeliner is very creamy and its pigmentation is good, which facilitates the eyeliner. [?] Even with the good coverage, I found it easy to correct mistakes, especially when I need to adjust the tip of the pull, as the color comes out with the swab without leaving the skin stained.? ? Marina Smith

7. Revlon Gel Eyeliner

Revlon's gel eyeliner features colorstay technology that promises 24-hour skin duration. According to the brand, the product does not stain, has intense color and comes with a brush for you to apply.

“He is overpigmented and opaque. It also lasts a long time without smudging or dripping, it's great for hot days or events where you can get emotional as it is waterproof. The brush that comes in the package is good, but makes a thicker stroke. ? Deborah Sant? Anna

8. Eudora Gel Eyeliner

Eudora's gel eyeliner, like the others, promises high coverage, doesn't smudge and lasts up to 12 hours. In addition, the product is easy to apply resulting in a precise and uniform stroke.

ÜI was surprised by his texture. It is light and it makes it much easier to apply. [?] Already in the first layer, it is already very black. [?] Eyeliner has excellent pigmentation and cool coverage. ? Lu Ferreira

9. Shiseido Gel Eyeliner

This is a gel eyeliner that has 6 different color options. The product is imported, inspired by the inks used in Japanese calligraphy, which enables fine and expressive strokes as well. His price is salty, so it's ideal for artistic and professional make-up.

It spreads evenly, smoothly, staying in place without smudging. Creates from fine, crisp strokes to bold, robust strokes with a simple glide of the hands. [?] The formula, resistant to moisture, sweat and greasiness, stays intact without fading or staining. ? Debora Benez

10. Dailus Gel Eyeliner

The Dailus eyeliner is another that goes to the list of accessible. Besides the good price, the brand guarantees high pigmentation and fast drying. The applicator brush already comes in the package and allows precise and continuous strokes.

The eyeliner has a very creamy texture and is very easy to apply. It has a great pigmentation and it fixes superbem on the skin. [?] He has undoubtedly become one of my favorite eyeliner because it has a very good quality for a very affordable cost. ? Bruna Munhoz

There is no shortage of options on the market for you to choose the right eyeliner for you. If you are one of those who uses eyeliner every day, you can invest in a cheap and long lasting product. But if you love a neat make up, how about betting on a professional product?

How to use gel eyeliner

Now that you have an idea which eyeliner to buy, check out how to apply the product and the tricks to rock the dash!

Starter gel eyeliner kitty

This video is complete for beginners when the subject is outlined. Here's the walkthrough of how to pull the gel eyeliner kitten and how to correct imperfections based to make it perfect.

Perfect outline with gel and micropore eyeliner

Blogger Mari Maria tells us the trick to getting the perfect stroke: using a microporous tape! Simply glue the ribbon to outline the outline and fill with gel eyeliner. This trick goes for other types of eyeliner as well.

How to Make Gel Eyeliner

This video shows us the complete walkthrough of how to make an expressive and precise outline, from eyelid preparation to false eyelash finishing. It's the big highlight of make!

Tips on Using Gel Eyeliner

This video gives us tips and tricks to get it right. The gel eyeliner and pen type are ideal for beginners because they are easier to apply.

Convinced that this item has to go into your makeup box already? Now just train and rock with a powerful make and a perfect stroke!

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