Get rid of embarrassing customs

It is common to have some custom we are ashamed of, such as biting nails or biting our lips while talking. Many times we end up doing something like this and don't even notice it, but other people notice it and in many cases it can make the situation awkward or unpleasant.

To help you avoid such embarrassment, follow these four steps to get rid of these embarrassing habits and be a more enjoyable companion for those who live with you.

Step 1 ? Identify the habits

Look at yourself to identify which customs you have that you would like to eradicate from your life. Make a list of them and indicate when you usually practice these habits.

Step 2? Avoid situations that may encourage the habit

Once the habits are identified and their triggers as well, the next step is to avoid those situations or habits that trigger the customs you want to eliminate.

Step 3? Police to realize when you are doing and stop

From that moment on, the ideal is always to be alert to see if you are practicing your habit and stop immediately. It is important to try to develop awareness of your habits through self-observation.

Step 4? Write down your progress

With your list of avoidable habits at hand, you can write down which customs you are managing to eliminate from your day to day life and this can serve as motivation.

Common embarrassing customs

Check out some common habits, but not pleasant for those who practice them and for those who live with those customs and also see how to avoid them.

Nervous Tics

Tics usually appear in situations of anxiety and nervousness. These can be facial tics or even more annoying ones, the tics of swinging your leg, clicking a pen or making any kind of repetitive movement with some kind of noise. The ideal in this case is to avoid situations that encourage tic and always stop as soon as you notice it.

Gnawing nails or cuticles

This custom is common in times of stress, long waiting times, and other situations when the person is anxious for something to happen. To avoid this, always have your nails well-groomed and polished, so you will be discouraged from biting them because it would spoil all your nail work. Besides being an ugly habit, it is also unhygienic because under the nails fungus and bacteria, in addition to impurities can accumulate.

Clear nose in public

This habit is very objectionable and should be avoided whenever possible, especially if you do it with your fingers. When you notice that your nose is bothering you, go to the bathroom and wash it inside with water and wipe it with a soft piece of paper. That way you won't have to clean it in public.

Pull hair or curl hair on finger

This custom is very common in people who get nervous talking to someone or speaking in public, but it may seem strange to anyone who is talking to them or listening to a talk from them, for example. To force yourself to control your habit, prefer to go out with your hair stuck when you're going through a situation where you have to talk to other people and you know it will make you nervous.

Snap your fingers

This habit is also very common and people often do it without even realizing it. It is not such an annoying custom, but it is recommended to avoid. To stop this habit, just pay attention to understand when you do it and avoid it.

Clear or aspirate discharge

The habit of clearing or aspirating secretion causes great discomfort to those who live with it. In addition to harming the throat and lungs, these customs can be very embarrassing. If you have a runny nose and throat, you should look for a doctor and not try to solve the problem with home remedies.

In addition to these habits, there are many others that can annoy anyone who lives with you and put you in an unpleasant situation. So be aware, follow the tips and get rid of the embarrassment they can cause.

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