Get rid of the ghosts of the past

Each of us carries his own story, made up of everything we have ever lived to this day. Inevitably many events, whether good or bad, are being forgotten. Others leave deep marks, cause suffering, pain, distress, sadness.

The remarkable negative events that remain with us are often more difficult to handle. All of us at some point in our life have already encountered the situation of not being able to draw a positive balance from events.

There are times when we just can't let go. Moments of separation, loss, matters of the heart, pain, hurt, disappointment. When this happens, a common mistake is to choose to live with these past ghosts.

Conditioning the present and the future with what has passed creates a barrier that often creates difficulties in initiating new challenges in life, creates fear, indecision.

Another common reaction from who lives stuck in the past It is always putting yourself in the position of the victim, creating defense mechanisms, strategies for detecting danger, and protecting against it before anything can cause pain and hurt. You can't go back, be in the same place, erase what was done. But to get rid of these ghosts, you need to change the meaning of your past. It sounds weird, but it's possible.

Past, present and future are linked, inseparable. Therefore, when some kind of change is established at any of the three times, all are changed. By changing the meaning of past events, something automatically changes in the present, allowing us to think about the future differently.

This is because we structure the future from the idea we have of it in the present moment. The present, in turn, is how we see things influenced by the past. It can be said that past, present and future are the same time and relate in the now.

So the best way to end the hassle of this situation is to realize that learning from the past or living on it is different. Use past events as a springboard for our personal growth It's the best way to get rid of them.

Analyze the events and realize that, as traumatic as they may be, surely some of them can make their positive contribution and serve as a reference for new attitudes toward balance.

Geralt and Letho are Pals Now: Ghosts of the Past. Both Options (Witcher 3 | Quest | "Death") (April 2021)

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