Golden shadow for summer

You bet there is no mistake: the golden It is the ideal tone for a radiant summer make. Therefore, golden shadow It's the kind of must-have item in your makeup kit, as it never goes out of style and is easy to combine.

The illuminating effect of golden shadow Tanned skin is a perfect combination to compose more natural looks, with health face, or bolder and super glamorous productions. It is beautiful for those who are white, brunette or black. That is, the chicks can play in make golden Without fear of being happy.

Make with sun shine

THE golden shadow can be used on a daily basis, the secret is how to combine it with the rest of the makeup. Bet on the tones of old gold, which is more natural, combined with peach blush and pink lipstick.

A suggestion of golden summer makeup Ideal for the club is to use two shades of gold, one lighter and one darker. Scatter the light shadow on the movable eyelid from the inside out, then use the darkest to mark the concave and finish in the shape of? V? on the side of the eyes.

Who likes more striking and striking looks can learn to make a super sexy makeup by mixing golden shadow with black shadow, just check the video:

In this other video, you learn the step-by-step of another bright look using the gold color shadow:

Summer's Shadow - Dove-Approved Family Feature Film Trailer (April 2021)

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