Good health and fit with the help of yoga

Created in India over 5,000 years ago, the yoga mix physical and mental disciplines. With numerous benefits for the body, the practice is becoming increasingly popular, among famous and anonymous and is currently present in numerous gyms throughout Brazil. Its success is due to the fact that it has a unique philosophy and unique gymnastics that make its practitioners take care of their body and mind effectively.

A member of this Zen world, yoga teacher at the Levitas Wellness Center, Stefan Buger praises the use of the sport as a way to maintain physical and mental fitness. As important as working the body, is taking care of our brain. Only then, is it possible to be all right ?, he explains.

According to him, the Exercises directly contribute to the achievement of quality of life. This is because the main purpose of yoga is to make the practitioner aware of his body. We work to ensure that this wisdom and benefits are transferred to everyday life, providing well-being ?, says Buger.

And the body thanks. Flexibility, strength and muscle toning are the main changes brought about through the practice of yoga. And breaking down, the resistance to pain increases significantly. In addition, exercises teach your practitioners how to breathe properly, using their full lung capacity, which helps control the blood and nervous system, lessen anxiety and provide relaxation and concentration. And those who choose this activity still lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and improves cardiovascular circulation which can lead to the reversal of thickening of the arteries.

Yoga is released to anyone as there are no limitations. • With pregnancy or health problems such as high blood pressure, the practice should be adapted to perform a smoother job. In the case of pregnancy, after the first three months ?, emphasizes Buger. After this period, as long as the pregnant woman has medical clearance, the practice is recommended because it provides mobility to the mother.

And the elderly can also embark on this if they are in good health. "If the practitioner finds it difficult to perform any position, the teacher can change it without any problem or decreased effectiveness of practice or change results," says the teacher. The important thing is just to work body and mind, no matter the age.

3 simple yoga exercises (April 2021)

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