Good manners at work

Imagine a workplace where all people greet each other, are friendly, know how to listen, respect collective spaces. Sounds like the ideal place to work, right? Everyone would like to be in such a place, too bad that reality is often different from that.

The recipe for professional success, whatever your job, includes being determined and disciplined, with doses of boldness, perseverance, and other attributes. But is it necessary to temper? all these ingredients with a special twist: the good manners at work.

Tue etiquette at work It's not freshness or something unnecessary as many people may think. Help and much in professional relationships, facilitates living with respect and kindness.

Check out some tips on good manners at work and take a moment to analyze how your behavior has been and what can be improved.

? Anyone likes to be treated with care and kindness. Greet everyone you meet, always say 'good morning', 'good afternoon'. ?Please excuse me? and thank you? These are still magic words that should be used often.

? Better ask your coworkers how they would like to be treated: sir, madam or simply you. Avoid treating people with expressions such as 'my darling', 'flower', 'darling', 'my love'. It may sound like falsehood.

? Always be on time, is synonymous with responsibility. If you need to arrive later or if you are late, always try to let your superior know.

? Keep your reports, notes, and all important information always organized. So when you need it in an emergency situation or when requested by the boss you will not get into trouble.

? Talking about your personal problems to colleagues and customers is unpleasant. As much as you have people you trust at your place of business, let them talk about non-working issues at lunchtime or after hours. If you are experiencing a serious problem, it is best to arrange a meeting with the boss to explain what is going on, but try not to mix personal issues with the job.

? Escape the gossip wheels, the little rumors that spread rumors. These are attitudes that contaminate the environment and only result in intrigue. And worst of all, you may end up being a victim.

Acting with a good education is essential in any environment, but the workplace becomes even more important. Learn how to behave at work It is fundamental and it does not hurt anyone. After all, you spend most of your day in contact with co-workers, your boss, clients.

Office Etiquette 101 DOs and DON'Ts (April 2021)

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