Gray Hair: 35 Photos, Tutorials, and Products to Maintain the Perfect Tone

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Having gray hair is on the rise among younger girls and is a look adopted by modern ladies who are not afraid to show gray hair. There are several shades of gray to choose from which you like: platinum, granny hair, darker charcoal and even bluish gray.

Thinking about changing your look? Check out 35 gray hair photos, home painting tutorials, and the products and care you need to maintain the perfect tone. You will fall in love!

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35 gray hair photos for you to think of a transformation

There are no limitations to having gray hair as it gets a mess on any kind of hair. To prove it, we have selected 35 photos for you to choose a look that most suits your style. Check out:

1. Gray hair shades are diverse and stunning

2. There are the dark ones, also known as charcoal

3. And the very clear ones

4. If you are a classic, you can invest in a blonde pro

5. But if you like to dare, how about bluish gray hair?

6. This tone is the biggest hit!

7. And natural gray hair is full of attitude

8. Instead of hiding the gray hair, why not get inspired by this look?

9. The cool thing is that this color matches different lengths

10. Makes longs even more powerful

11. Medium is versatile but not basic

12. And why not bet on short gray hair?

13. With bangs, the cut looks stylish

14. Hue matches the smooth yarns

15. And curly gray hair is pure power

16. The curly ones are authentic

17. And you can choose the shade of gray that suits you best

18. May be platinum gray hair

19. In gradient

20. In the brown background?

21. Colorful on the dots to get out of the obvious

22. With violet highlights

23. And it's okay to have dark-rooted gray hair

24. If You Have Smooth Wire, Get Inspired By This Look

25. And you don't have to give up the curls for a respectful big hair

26. Women's gray hair yields stylish hairstyles

27. Can you decide your favorite tone?

28. It can be crystal clear for platinum fans

29. And the dark gray hair is original

30. Granny Hair Matches Younger Girls

31. And in the ladies is a charm!

32. For discreet change, bet on reflexes

33. And for a complete transformation, look how devastating!

34. There are several shades that match all hair types

35. Which would look perfect on yours?

Gray hair, especially platinum hair, requires care to stay healthy. To prevent your hair from breaking, make a capillary schedule following the hydration, nutrition and reconstruction steps.

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How to dye your hair gray

It is not difficult to tone gray hair if you already have bleached strands. Here are the tips and tutorials for painting your hair at home:

How to do gray hair at home, by Bia Jacomine

In this video we follow how to make gray hair with temporary toner. The product is without ammonia, which does not damage the wires, but comes out with the washes. See how to do it in the video.

How to dye your hair gray by Tammy Sloty

This tutorial uses a glow bath type toner to make the strands gray. The blogger remembers that to have such a hair, it must be discolored and very light.

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How to get from colored hair to gray, by Mari Morena

To get your current hair color, use shampoo mixed with bleaching powder and coconut oil. To get to gray, choose a dye with the opposite shade of your hair and tone it. The result is amazing!

How to dye your hair gray and color products by Jess Vieira

Here is the complete walkthrough of how to dye gray hair at home, along with tips and products needed to maintain the tone of the hair and prevent hair breakage.

Remember that to make hair gray, the hair must be discolored. Be aware of how long you will let the ink act as your streaks may turn bluish. And if you have questions about doing this process at home, consult a hairdresser.

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Shades of gray

Now that you have plenty of inspiration and know how to paint the strands, look at the different shades of gray and choose one that suits you. Also check out the products and care needed for each. The information comes from hairdresser Edson Idogawa, from Studio Anzen.

Platinum gray hair

Platinum gray is a very light shade, almost white.According to the expert, to achieve this tone, you need to discolor the strands more than once in the same day, so your hair must be resistant to endure this process.

To achieve platinum, blue pigments are mixed with the yellowish tone of the discolored streaks, resulting in platinum gray. The process can be done with silver glitter bath or with tinters. The hairdresser remembers that the final tone depends on how much you can discolor your locks. Check out some products to keep platinum gray hair:

  1. Platinum gloss bath at Ikesaki Cosmetics
  2. Light Gray Hard Colors Toner at Ikesaki Cosmetics
  3. Amend Tinting Shampoo, American
  4. Ultra-light gray Beauty Color Blonde Ink in Americanas
  5. L? Oréal Tinting Mask at Web Beauty

Light gray

Light gray hair, also known as granny hair, resembles the hue of naturally gray hair. To achieve them, you need to bleach your hair 10 or 11 (light blonde) and apply a dye or a bath of shine in silver or light gray.

It's a modern option for those who are tired of hiding gray hair. Here are the products you need to achieve this tone:

  1. Keraton Silver Glitter Bath at Ikesaki Cosmetics
  2. Keraton granny shine bath at Ikesaki Cosmetics
  3. Gray color corrector in the hair shop
  4. Blond Mask Mask on Web Beauty
  5. Keune light gray coloring at Poubel Cosmetics

Dark grey

Dark gray hair, also known as charcoal, resembles the tone of graffiti. To reach this shade it is necessary to discolour the hair until the tone 9 or 10, which are light blond, and to pass dye, toner or bath of brightness in the dark gray.

To keep the dark gray in the strands, frequent retouching is required as the toners come off easily after a few washes. Check out ink and product suggestions for this tone:

  1. Keraton Graphite Gloss Bath at Iksesaki Cosmetics
  2. Keune Color Maintaining Shampoo on Web Beauty
  3. Maxton Charcoal Gray Hair Color at Embelleze
  4. Graphite gray coloring of Alfaparf, in Americanas

Bluish gray

And bluish gray, as the name suggests, is a shade of gray with blue highlights. According to the expert, it is necessary to mix about 30% blue pigment in the gray toner to achieve this effect.

The strands must be discolored to a light shade for the strands to absorb these pigments. Check out some products needed to keep the wires bluish gray:

  1. Platinum gray gloss bath in American
  2. Royal Blue Tinting Mask, American
  3. Itallian Color Blue Corrector, in Americanas
  4. Bioseve Blue Toner at Ikesaki Cosmetics

Gray hair care

Hairdresser Edson cited some precautions needed to keep gray hair healthy and in the desired shade. Check out:

  • After any discoloration, your hair must undergo a reconstruction, which can be done with ampoules or masks;
  • Invest in nutrition to replace what your strands have lost in discoloration. It can be made with essential oils and from processes such as wetting;
  • To keep your hair healthy and shiny, moisturize at least once a week. This process can be done with professional shampoos and conditioners and creams;
  • To not forget any of these steps, follow a capillary schedule, alternating all three;
  • It is necessary to touch up the dye and wash the licks with a shine bath to maintain the color, because the pigments come out after a few washes. After many touches, you need to do a new discoloration so that the ink is absorbed by the strands.

Like all discolored hair, having gray hair requires care and can be laborious to maintain. But if you love a stylish and authentic look, it's worth investing and taking care of the locks.

Cool, isn't it? Now that you have plenty of inspirations and tutorials and know how to achieve and maintain the perfect shade of gray, you can think of a complete and original look transformation!

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