Headband: How to wear?

At headband tiara Promises to be a sensation this summer. It comes back renovated, with more modern and hippy versions of the hippie ones that were used in the 70s.

To know how to use the headband is easy. Tied around the head, it can be worn with loose hair, strands, bun, braids or complementing more sophisticated hairstyles.

At headbands They can be found in different designs and materials to suit all tastes and styles.

Women who prefer more delicate and romantic models should invest in the headband with pearls, bows, crystals, ribbons and flowers. For those who want cooler models, the tip is to look for the headbands tiaras braided, leather, chains, with glitter, studs, lace and appliqués with colored bands.

Thin, medium or thick, the headbands They are easy to match with any look and look great on any occasion. Enjoy the happiest season of the year and invest so much in headband models in flashy colors as in neutral colors.

Four Ways to Wear a Headband /Headwrap ♡ | thekelliworldtv (April 2021)

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