How children can contribute to household chores

Learn to help with homework It is a lesson that children should learn early on. And lending a hand in housework is not just a girl thing. Boys can and should help too.

Encourage participation of children in housekeeping It's a way of teaching responsibility. Sharing tasks with parents is also a training for children to become more independent.

It is important for parents to be mindful to offer children only tasks that are age-appropriate, respectful of their physical abilities and preserve their health. Each child should cooperate with what they can and are old enough to do.

It is not about making domestic services It's a must for little ones, but to make them learn to live with their families and feel useful.

To know how your children can contribute to household chores, check out some suggestions for appropriate household activities for each age group:

2-4 years old

Younger people love to help, though often lack of skill ends up more disruptive than anything else. But since the intention is to teach them how to create responsibility early on, home chores for young children they should be very simple.

They can store the toys or put the dirty clothes in the basket. Another interesting activity, which can be a lot of fun, is helping to feed pets.

5 years

Children of this age are quite curious and like to be constantly trying new things. Take the opportunity to teach your child how to make his own bed, help collect toys and objects scattered around the house, clean dust and water the plants.

6 to 8 years old

By the time they reach this age, some children may maintain enthusiasm for housework, while others may already show some disinterest in realizing that perhaps helping with housekeeping may not be as fun as it seemed.

It is also a phase in which children begin to value their independence. So one strategy to keep encouraging the little ones is to teach them tasks that they can start and finish on their own, such as folding and storing clean clothes, setting the table, helping to load and store, and keeping the room neat.

9-10 years old

From this age, children are already able to perform activities that require greater responsibilities. Parents can establish a routine or scale by distributing the activities among the children.

In addition to keeping the bed tidy, children can now change sheets and pillowcases. They can also do the dishes and sweep the floor.

From 11 years old

Now pre-teens, their children can look after their siblings and participate in the household routine as kitchen helpers. Teach practical and quick recipes. Another tip is to ask them to do the dishes, vacuum or wipe the floor.

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