How do you get compliments?

Receive a compliment Then spend a lot of time choosing clothes, accessories, making sure of make and hair. Spontaneous compliments are good for self-esteem, but some women do not feel safe receiving them. Generally, they do not see the compliments as true and always seek to know the second intention of the comment.

Not being comfortable with compliments is more common than you might think and can have many reasons. But when it becomes something very recurring, it deserves attention, as it can even hurt one's relationships.

One of the factors that cause this kind of behavior is the self demand. For example, a person who thinks she is fat and gets the compliment that she is thin may think the other is wearing a mocking or mocking tone. Others do not feel up to the compliment or understand it as a charge.

In response, who can't handle compliments do you use phrases like? is it your impression ?,? are your eyes ?,? to protect yourself from interaction with others.

THE insecurity This is another reason for this kind of reaction, especially when compliments come from the opposite sex. However, women need to be aware of the compliments they receive at the time of conquest.

Must know how to identify sincere compliments or when the intention is just to take the woman to bed. But how to know? There are no rules to do this, it's all a matter of sensitivity.

If you identify with the characteristics described, be aware that the best way to change this behavior is not to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments to change what is not good. Ideally, seek psychological help to better understand the causes of this difficulty and exercise self praise, learning to like yourself.

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