How much can a pregnant woman eat and put on weight during pregnancy?

It is common that during pregnancy the woman has doubts about her diet and the weight that should and can reach due to pregnancy. There are so many myths about it that it's hard to tell what is really applicable. So we decided to take two of the main questions about nutrition and the ideal weight in pregnancy, check out:

How much should a pregnant woman eat?

During pregnancy, a woman's body stores nutrients to be prepared for breastfeeding. Thus, the body asks for more calories to be able to nourish the baby and maintain reserves for the future.

Underweight women should increase your calorie intake early in pregnancy to be ready in time for the last months and for breastfeeding. Women with normal or overweight increase calorie intake at week 12.

But that doesn't mean the woman should start eating for two. but nourish itself properly. This requires her to consult with a dietitian to make a thorough assessment and define the ideal diet and consumption of the right amount of each food. Usually the amount suggested for increased calorie intake in pregnancy is between 300 and 350kcal more per day.

How much can a pregnant woman put on weight?

Pregnant women who have a normal healthy weight before pregnancy should gain around 11 to 14kg during pregnancy. Those who are overweight should gain only 7 to 9 kg while pregnant women who are underweight must gain 13 to 16 kg over the nine months.

Is important take care of food during pregnancy and not be seduced by sedentary lifestyle. Being overweight during pregnancy can lead to obesity. In addition, overweight pregnant women are at risk for gestational diabetes, among other diseases. These complications can make delivery difficult and the woman may have to opt for a cesarean section. In the case of underweight pregnant womenthere is a risk that the baby is born weaker, less nourished and more likely to have infections and other postnatal complications.

In view of this, every pregnant woman should take care of food and weight and also have the support of the nutritionist and the doctor who is doing prenatal care to ensure a smooth pregnancy and that the baby is born strong and healthy.

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