How to adapt to the fall

The summer season says goodbye and a new season begins. After the intense heat, the autumn it comes promising cooler daytime temperatures and colder nights. With these changes, physical changes begin to emerge such as laziness, increased appetite and indisposition.

In addition, in the fall the skin also suffers aggression, becomes dehydrated and looks dry. To enjoy the season of the year in a healthy way, to keep the laziness and the beauty up to date, it is necessary to change some habits. See some tips and learn how to adapt to fall.

Feeding just right

As in the fall the desire to consume more calorie foods is great, it is difficult to resist temptations. However, it is possible to control appetite by substituting some foods.

To prevent weight gain during this period, be sure to consume vegetables and legumes. If you don't want them fresh, consume boiled or prepare hot broths and soups containing these ingredients.

The fruits can be eaten naturally, in the form of juices or even boiled or baked, sprinkled with cinnamon and sweetened with a honey, but without exaggeration. Oilseeds such as nuts, nuts, pistachios and cashews are essential for health. They help meet the needs of fatty acids essential for our body and lubricate the hair and skin preventing dryness and dehydration, especially on cold days. However, they should be consumed in moderation daily as they are very caloric.

Protein rich foods like white meat, fish and seafood also contribute to a healthier and more nutritious diet.

Good oils such as olive oil, sesame and avocado help replenish body moisture, while whole grains stimulate the proper functioning of the intestines.

How to ward off laziness?

On cooler days, the urge to stay at home under the duvet or even doing nothing increases. And to avoid sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to drive away laziness and unwillingness by keeping pace with physical activities.

No need to practice exercises that require a lot of effort. Choose simpler activities such as walking, dancing, skipping, or practice some exercises that can be done at home. The important thing is to put the laziness aside and move the body to avoid embarrassment after climbing the scale. Keeping your body in shape also helps to make you more willing to face the rush of everyday life and relieve stress.

Drink plenty of fluids

The consumption of fluids during the fall is also essential to maintain the proper functioning of the body and the body hydrated. As much as you may not want to drink at this time, it is essential to drink up to two liters of water a day. Also invest in hot drinks like herbal tea, natural juices or bet on hot broths and nutritious soups.

Beauty care

As the bath temperature in the fall is warmer, we lose the natural fat of the skin, which contributes to the dry and dehydrated appearance. Therefore, to keep it always well hydrated, soft and well protected on the cooler days, it is necessary to use creams and lotions with the right ingredients, which resemble the natural composition of the skin produced by the sebaceous and sweat glands.

For body hydration prefer vegetable oils based on grape seed, sesame, almonds, pumpkin seed, macadamia nuts, cocoa, Brazil nuts, mango butter, shea and are rich in vitamins such as A, E and F. To protect the face, where the skin is thinner and supersensitive, prefer products that lubricate the outermost layer of skin, based on argan oil or green tea.

Hyaluronic acid treatments keep skin hydration up to date by protecting peeling and dryness and with mandelic acid eliminates fine lines and small wrinkles on the face making skin tone more even.

Protected wires

In the hair, the use of thermal protector or tip repair helps to protect the hair from climatic aggressions, especially for women who use the double dryer and flat iron daily. Good hydration every 15 days is also essential to keep the locks well hydrated and healthy.

Have a good night of sleep!

Remember that in addition to specific products for each body part, sleep is also an excellent beauty treatment. Try to go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. Preferably sleep at least eight hours a night to wake up rested, humorous, and beautifully skinned the next morning.

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