How to assemble creative, non-obvious looks with a neutral tone mix

You have certainly heard of the famous neutral tones. Gradually they were gaining space in the looks of the day, as they are easy and practical to use.

Nowadays a cabinet with neutral tones such as black, white, brown and gray is synonymous with practicality and an infinite possibility of everyday looks.

From casual to modern, you can invest in a variety of styles with the neutral color palette.

But how dare and create neutral-toned looks without making it look awkward? Can you create tidier or more classic productions with this color palette?

Using neutral tone mix

Check out some tips designed in partnership with image and style consultant Danyla Borobia to make your look of the day with neutral tones full of style!

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Beige palette

With the beige palette it is possible to compose looks with little or much contrast, says the image and style consultant. "If the look is monochromatic it can be more interesting when composed with accessories of the same palette but in darker or lighter colors," adds Danyla. Mixing tailoring pieces with more casual ones make all the difference besides leaving the look unusual and modern.

Black and nude

Two colors that together make any look sophisticated and full of elegance. "To make the look look cool, it is composed with metallic accessories, copper or rose gold can add modernity and sophistication, remembering that the nude varies according to the tone of each skin", advises Danyla.

Grey scale

A versatile and basic color gray is also darling when it comes to creating practical looks with style. But no dull look, Danyla gives several tips for composing a modern production:? The cool thing is to think of composing with 2 or 3 different shades of gray that can appear on clothes or accessories, always thinking of composing with different textures, weight and trim. To make the look more modern and youthful, the cool thing is to compose with a piece or a silver metallic accessory.

Shades of pink

A light tone with a romantic feel makes the look very feminine, but if you want to create a different style, write down Danyla's tips: • Escape from transparent, lacy, frilly and fluid fabrics.

This color goes very well with gray, wine, caramel, white and black, so these colors can appear in other pieces or accessories, so the look will be more modern, complete the image and style consultant.

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Serenity blue

Another light and delicate tone, which makes basic or modern looks. "To make a streetwear look abuse of tone over tone or with lighter wash jeans, for a more party look can be composed with more delicate metallic accessories," says Danyla.

Total black

The famous little black dress wins the hearts of many people, especially when it comes to practicality. In addition to leaving the elegant look and the slimmer and longer silhouette, completes Danyla. The consultant also teaches some tricks to make the production more interesting and modern:? Different textures, trim, materials, cutouts, and modeling, or layered and overlapping composition is also welcome in this kind of look.

Total white

Neither doctor nor New Year's Eve, the all-white look has gained space in the women's closet and is synonymous with elegance.

Danyla teaches you how to compose a stylish minimalist look: "It's best to compose with a mix of textures, trim, cutouts or transparencies." Another valuable tip that the consultant teaches is to escape from white or metallic accessories and look for accessories with more informal colors and styles, such as caramel and brown bags and shoes.

black and white

Two classic colors that work well together, and make the classic production chic without much effort. So as not to fall into the sameness and dare a little consultant Danyla adds:? You can think of composing with pieces of different styles, such as black pencil skirt and white T-shirt, making the wave hi it, more sophisticated shoes lift the look and more modern men's shoes or sneakers make it look younger and more up to date.

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Joker neutral parts to buy online

Check out a selection of neutral-tone pieces to create stylish looks. Choose a wild card to start assembling the look, such as a black blouse or white shorts, you'll see how it's easier this way.

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A gold tip is to bet on a third piece to make up the look, like a vest, or a jacket. So the basic look pants and t-shirt turns into a modern look when you add the vest. Another tip is to invest in neutral accessories, they make the production chic and modern without the slightest effort. That way there's no way that neutral tone production will be bland!

Get inspired by blogger looks!

In addition to leaving the look elegant and with a stylish grip, neutral-colored pieces are jokers of the closet, because they are easy to match each other and you can still assemble various types of productions. Bet on different modeling, texture pieces and accessories to create an unusual and beautiful look!

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