How to avoid cramps

Intense pain and muscle contraction. These are two of the symptoms of cramp. No matter what the moment, whether at dawn, during exercise or even daily work routine, frequent and involuntary spasms cause a lot of discomfort to the body.

But after all, what are they? Cramps are characterized by large contractions in the muscles and are usually caused on cold days, lack of warmth in the body before exercise, or even lack of sodium and fluid in the body.

"These muscle pains indicate that there is certainly a maladjustment in the human body, such as muscle fatigue and the imbalance of components needed for our body, such as potassium, sodium and especially calcium," says occupational therapist Ana Lúcia Barbosa.

But it is possible to take some measures to prevent them from appearing. According to the therapist it is always necessary to have a balanced diet and not to overdo the physical exercises.

Looking for a specialist before joining schemes and even to start playing sports is also a good option.

All that is in too much is not good for the human body. I have seen patients who want to lose weight and do not consult doctors to see which menu is recommended, which means that the necessary components are not consumed, resulting in various problems, as well as the emergence of unwanted cramps ?, he says.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to some topics daily. Before practicing any sport or working out at the gym, it is essential to do at least a series of stretches.

Exercising your body before gym allows you to prepare your muscles for physical exertion. Also try to hydrate the body before, during and after exercise, after all, your body needs to replace the lost fluid.

"I recommend that you replenish sodium between light and heavy exercise and for that you can consume isotonic drugs that are sold in supermarkets or pharmacies," suggests Ana.

Balanced feeding

Consuming foods rich in carbohydrates, potassium and calcium during workouts are also tools to prevent unwanted cramps. ? Bananas, tomatoes and walnuts are potassium and are ideal for prevention. Besides being delicious, they are also foods that are good for the heart ?, recommends the therapist.

Another tip is that you eat well every two hours, that is, consume fruits and always have a healthy diet. ? In addition to preventing the onset of cramps, having a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, ensures optimal functioning of the body, which prevents future health problems ?, says Ana.

If you do some kind of sport, do not forget that after finishing the exercise, try to relax the muscles to avoid possible contractions. • While you are finishing the exercises, reduce the intensity and try to relax the muscle to prevent contractions from appearing. Do not forget that it is important not to tire the muscles too much ?, explains Ana Lúcia.

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