How to avoid unwell on hot days

During the summer, the intense heat at any time of day ends up leaving the body unwilling to face the daily activities in the face of high temperatures. The urge to eat is reduced, drowsiness increases, and heat discomfort can make people moody and impatient.

There is no way to avoid it, warm temperatures are only more pleasant when they are enjoyed on the beach or in cooler places. But while you're still not enjoying your well-deserved vacation and need to keep up the routine, you can take advantage of some tips from how to relieve unwell on hot days.

Healthy eating

Summer food should be lighter to avoid that heavy body sensation throughout the day. Make menu changes and replace calorie foods with healthier ones.

The dish should be very colorful with variations of vegetables, grilled meat and lean. A balanced meal with healthy foods helps give your body more satiety without overeating, especially at dinner time.

High sugar desserts are the most tasty, but they are also very caloric and should be consumed without exaggeration. Choose to exchange the sweets for fruits that besides having the natural sugar, are tasty and very refreshing.

Mayonnaise and ready-made sauces should also be replaced by olive oil, lemon, vinegar and sauces made with mustard and yogurt for lighter diet in summer.

Moisturizes the body

In summer you need to consume plenty of fluids not only to quench your thirst but also to hydrate your body. It is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of water per day to meet the needs of the body. Other types of liquids also help combat the hot days. In addition to pure water, include in your summer menu healthy drinks like coconut water, natural juices and iced tea.

Send the indisposition away

In addition to lack of appetite and thirst, on hot summer days the body is more unwell and almost unwilling to perform activities whether at work, school or even physical exercises.

Until your body gets used to it, the time change causes a certain maladjustment in the biological clock and ends up causing physical changes in the body such as insomnia, lack of appetite, sleepiness, tiredness and inattention throughout the day. This discomfort often ends up disrupting your activities, but you can adapt to daylight saving time by making some changes.

To have a good sleep night and wake up always on hot days, take a refreshing shower before bed and upon waking up to the warm, almost cold shower water temperature. Do not skip any meal, and as difficult as it may be, try to do some physical exercise to keep your body moving and keep laziness away.

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