How to behave at a business lunch

The way you behave can guarantee business success and even a promotion. Keep in mind that although more informal, the business lunch It is an extension of the meeting room and therefore rules of professional etiquette should not be overlooked.

The chosen restaurant should have a great service, have a tasteful atmosphere, be well lit with soft music. Choose a quiet location, too much noise around can disrupt the conversation.

Knowing the guest's eating habits and tastes avoids gaffes like taking a vegetarian person to a barbecue lunch. Avoid ordering exotic or very complicated dishes. Even if you are very hungry, do not feed in a "desperate" way. Escape alcoholic beverages, prefer juices and sodas.

The occasion calls for a proper attire and to know how to dress for a business lunch, the tip is to have common sense. After all, the moment is not appropriate to dress using pieces that show their physical attributes. Avoid necklines, tight skirts and oversized slits and bet on neutral colors.

Treat your guest very politely, talk calmly and carefully. Turn off your phone, it's unpleasant to interrupt lunch to answer calls.

Another tip from label for business lunch It is not going straight to the point, let alone talk about the subject that motivated the meeting after the meal. Dessert or coffee time is an ideal time.

Who invites, pays the bill. The rule applies even if the woman has invited for lunch. If you are with a man and it is difficult to convince him of this, excuse yourself and say that you go to the bathroom. The strategy is to go to the cashier first and settle the bill.

How To Conduct Yourself At A Business Lunch (April 2021)

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