How to behave well at work

To maintain the harmony of the environment, it is essential to keep in mind some basic rules of good coexistence at work, it is not? Check out our tips on how to behave well in the professional environment and avoid embarrassing situations.


Beware of conversations that are too loud in the workplace, this can disrupt the concentration of your coworkers. If you have to talk to someone, prefer an appropriate place such as a meeting room.


When talking on the phone at work, don't spend an hour talking and gossiping with your best friend on the company phone. Also, when talking on the phone, try to use a normal low tone of voice and neutral or formal language, without diminutives or intimacies.

When it comes to your own phone, ideally keep it quiet so as not to disturb the concentration of colleagues and avoid talking on the phone all the time. Prefer to go to a more reserved place if you have to answer the call.


When sending emails at work, restrict them to professional emails. Do not send emails like chain letters and personal emails to your business contacts. If you are friends with colleagues and clients, use your personal email address to handle private matters.


Respect is essential in the workplace, so respect each other's space. For example, avoid borrowing items from your colleagues without asking first or eating something from someone else.

Social networks

Refrain from indirect comments about the company and co-workers on social networks. This can cause serious relationship problems or even worse consequences, not to mention the fact that it's totally inelegant.


Take extreme care when making jokes and jokes with your co-workers. At first they may even react well, but this can cause relationship problems between you. Avoid making derogatory comments and even if the person does not seem to mind the jokes, avoid this kind of interaction.


Exercise warmth at work, even with colleagues with whom you do not have such affinity. Being polite and kind will certainly not pay off, and people will probably treat you that way too if you are friendly to them. So, cultivating this posture everyone wins, after all what it costs to have a? Good morning? for everyone arriving at work?

By adopting these attitudes towards your coworkers, the environment gets a lot lighter and a lot nicer, so it's worth a try.

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