How to behave well in public

We often make gaffes in public and we don't even know that we are doing something that is not well accepted by most people. So that you don't have this kind of situation, check out our tips below and run away from the tamarins.

Don't shout or laugh too loud

When in public, avoid talking too loudly or shouting. This may imply that you are fighting with the person who is with you or that you do not know how to control yourself. Restrain your spirits and speak in a moderate voice. It is also advisable not to laugh loud and flashy, prefer to laugh quietly so as not to appear inelegant.

Be careful when talking on mobile

When talking on your cell phone, do not speak too loudly and do not gesture too much. In public the ideal is not to talk on the cell phone, but if necessary, do so discreetly. Remember, those around you don't want to hear your conversation.

Also be careful to keep him in silent mode in places like cinema and theater and when you are in a place and he starts playing, answer it as soon as possible to avoid an embarrassing situation with others present. Try not to use your phone when you are with friends, be considerate and join the conversation.

Watch out for walking

When walking in public places, watch your steps to avoid bumping into people or crossing someone's path. Be polite and give way to old people.

Also be careful when walking with your bag, especially if it is large as it may hit someone when you turn to one side or make a sudden movement.

Couple's attitudes in public

If you have a boyfriend, fiancé, husband, you know that it is normal for couples to have a hard time even when in public. But when that happens, the rule is to let things cool down and solve the problem at home. Causing a scene in public is not elegant and can cause inconvenience to others.

Also avoid exaggerated caresses, as this can create embarrassment, especially in places with children and old people.

Jokes and exaggerated opinions

Be very careful when joking in public, they can end up offending someone who is listening to you. In addition, it is important to soften the words when commenting on controversial or discomforting subjects. This is not to say that you cannot give your opinion, but rather that you should do it sweetly so as not to be rude and ruin someone's day.

When sneezing and coughing

Sneezing and coughing in public should be avoided, rather do it in the bathroom. But if you escape, try not to make a noise and cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or your hands if you don't have a handkerchief nearby. After sneezing or coughing, wash your hands.

There is no secret to behave well, the essential thing is always to have common sense and consideration for others, even if they are people you do not know. Use common sense to note what it is inconvenient and you're on your way to behaving like a lady in public.


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