How to choose the ideal floor?

When building or renovating the house, one of the key items that needs to be carefully chosen is the floor.

Evaluating only by aesthetics may not be the best option, you must find beauty and functionality in the same piece. There are other aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal floor for the houseThese include checking that the product is easy to clean and maintain.

O floor type Used can determine the style of your home, it needs to match and give versatility to the decoration of the environment.

O wood floor is more cozy, since the stone floor Combined with rustic-inspired environments, the most classic call for shiny materials such as marble.

By using different floors, it is possible to create different areas in the house, but be careful when making combinations.

The intent is for the end result to be harmonious, not something like a puzzle. Choose similarly shaped floors with matching colors.

Seek savings, but invest in good quality floors and always think about the durability of the product. You may pay a little more now for a floor that meets the needs of your home, but the investment pays off and avoids future problems.

A complete guide to choose the perfect hardwood flooring for your space (April 2021)

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