How to circumvent hunger at work

Whenever we are in front of the computer or television comes that desire to eat something. At work this also happens and as the option is almost always the caloric snacks, it is difficult to follow a strict diet. To avoid overeating and keep hunger controlled during the day, read some tips for how to circumvent hunger at work.

In order to be able to dine at lunch properly and without starvation, you need to make some changes to your menu, check out:

1- Eat every meal during the day, it helps you not to feel so hungry. Change the calorie foods and treats for lighter, healthier foods, fruits, yogurt, saltine crackers, fruit juices or teas.

2- Treats are rich in sugar, fat and sodium and if eaten too often can bring weight gain and even contribute to increased cholesterol, triglycerides and other diseases related to poor diet, so don't overdo it.

3- At your workplace, when hunger hits, swap the bullshit for healthy foods like oatmeal mashed banana or other fruit, cereal yogurt, natural sandwiches. It is also possible to exchange the fatty snacks for carrots in strips. If you prefer, there are also cereal bars that are tasty and help to bypass hunger.

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