How to clean and store melamine laminate-coated furniture

The melamine laminate, better known by the manufacturer's trademark name? Formica ? It has earned respect in the furniture market and is traditionally a material widely used in the manufacture of various pieces of home furniture, whether tables, chairs or kitchen counters.

As such, it is very common to have at least one home piece that is coated with melamine laminate. And in order to keep your furniture's look beautiful and conserved longer, you need to know what you can and can't do about it in terms of cleanliness. Check out our tips so that you do not go wrong in cleaning your melamine laminate furniture.

To ensure a good cleaning of your furniture, dampen a cloth with water and add detergent or mild soap, or alcohol. Clean the surface with this cloth and this will be sufficient to sanitize it as its surface prevents the retention of dirt and the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Like the glass, after cleaning some stains the cloth may appear on the material. To avoid this, after cleaning with the damp cloth, wipe the surface with a dry cloth so that your furniture will be free of stains and shiny and polished.

For remove ballpoint pen stain From the surface of melamine laminate, wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in alcohol or a solution of water and vinegar.

It is noteworthy that to clean this type of material, it is not recommended to use any type of sponge that may leave scratches and marks on the formica. Ideally, use only soft cleaning cloths to sanitize this coating.

In addition, no abrasive, wax, silicone or solvent cleaners should be used to cleaning of melamine laminate furniture. These products can stain, damage and make it difficult to preserve the surface of your furniture.

Another tip for conserving the melamine laminate surface is always to avoid contact of this material with hot objects or excess water. Excessive heat or moisture may cause the coating to warp or stain. Instead of placing hot pans directly on the cabinet, prefer to use one piece to protect the cabinet from the heat of the pan.

It is also recommended to avoid cutting food and using sharp objects on a melamine coating without a tough protection. You may end up scratching and damaging the coating.

By following these tips, you keep your melamine-coated furniture clean, beautiful and well-maintained for longer.

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