How to communicate well in public

It is scientifically proven that the arts play a fundamental role in life, the mind and the human body. This is because the benefits of interpersonal communication are immeasurable and contribute efficiently to psychic, social and professional development, which makes interaction between people effective.

According to communication master and oratory teacher Reinaldo Polito, those who can safely express themselves in an audience will usually know how to communicate effectively between people. "The mastery of the stage, the control of emotions in front of the audience, the ability to circumvent adverse situations in front of the auditorium provide more security for the person to interact and relate to ease in everyday life," he says.

Performing arts, dancing or simply painting a picture also aid in treating illness and self-esteem. ?Who knows speak well in public and is aware that your communication is effective, feels well received by people and accepted in the various environments you attend. The domain of oratory provides control of body expression, especially gestures, posture and facial communication ?, explains Reinaldo Polito.

This is how the flamenco dance teacher Camila Silva found more security, gained more confidence and of course, had a significant increase in her well-being. "The dance for me was fundamental, because now I can have a posture and communicate much better in professional events I have to attend," he comments.

Therefore, the arts in general can contribute to the growth in the job market or also to have a more effective communication in everyday life. The more a person grows up in their professional activity, the more they will depend on their ability to communicate and less on technical knowledge. Once you are past the level of supervision you will have to attend meetings, negotiate process, submit projects, discuss proposals, etc. Who does not know how to communicate can interrupt their professional growth ?, explains Polito.

How to communicate

Speaking calmly and acting naturally is a good alternative for initially engaging the audience. “Both in theater and dance, you need to speak slowly and look at all who are listening to you. That way you can measure how much people are understanding your message? Camila says.

For Polito, we must also emphasize each word. • Alternate voice volume and speech rate for a pleasant and motivating rhythm. It is recommended to use words that can be understood by all listeners and also avoid technical vocabulary in front of people unfamiliar with your activity ?, he comments.

Having an elegant posture on stage or in a performance is of utmost importance. • Position yourself elegantly by normally distributing body weight over both legs. Also avoid excess and lack of gestures. In general, moderate gestures are the most recommended? Suggests the oratory teacher.

Planning what will be presented is necessary, however, knowing how to get around unforeseen situations is essential in communication. • Earn the listeners at first with sincere thanks and compliments. Then reveal which subject you will address. Enter the problem you want to solve and present the solution or suggestion. Take away any possible resistance from the public. Finally, ask listeners to reflect or act on your proposal ?, teaches Polito.

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