How to control appetite

If you think you should or really need to decrease the amount of food you needlessly or excessively consume, check out our tips for decrease appetite and have more moderate eating habits.

1 ? Chew well and slowly. Adopting this habit takes you longer to eat, so your brain will process the feeling of satiety even before you finish the meal.

2 ? Do not expect to be too hungry to eat. When you spend a lot of time without eating and realize you are hungry, the first reaction is to want to eat something fast and strong to starve. Therefore, avoid waiting to get very hungry before feeding.

3? Learn to differentiate hunger and appetite. While hunger is a physical need to eat food, appetite is a desire to remember the feeling of satiety that the meal provides.

Appetite, therefore, may be suppressed with the feeling of satiety; In the situation where the person is really hungry, only food intake can decrease it.

4? Don't go out to the market or restaurant when you're very hungry. Before leaving to go to these places, eat a jelly, a yogurt or some fruit to reduce hunger. Otherwise, you may be tempted by fast food or buy foods you don't even need in the market just because you're so hungry.

5? Avoid buying what you should not eat. Do you know that custom of buying some cookies just to have at home? This kind of attitude should be avoided. You know that if you have some goodies in the pantry you won't be able to resist, so don't even buy them.

6? Adapt your diet to make it pleasant. Dieting only with foods you hate is a recipe for failure. Consult your dietitian and suggest foods that you enjoy so that she includes them healthily in your diet, so that your dietary rehabilitation happens in a pleasant and less painful way.

7? Eat several small meals throughout the day. To prevent you from getting too hungry, eat small meals every two to three hours. So you are always satisfied and less willing to go out attacking those goodies in the fridge. However, be moderate on these small snacks: prefer healthy foods and fruits such as whole wheat crackers and yogurts.

8? Be patient and persistent. Adopt new eating habits This is not the easiest task because it involves our emotional state so much. So don't rush and don't cover yourself too much. Do your best in your time and be patient with yourself. With patience and persistence you can re-educate your diet and have a healthier life.

Follow the tips and stick to the discipline. Gradually you change your habits and you will realize then that you are getting control your appetite and it's not him who controls you anymore.

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