How to control migraine

Only those who suffer from migraine You know what it feels like to live with that strong, uncomfortable headache that can take the mood out of anyone. It may not seem like it, but migraine is a more common disease than imagined and its biggest victims are women.

The explanation for this is hormones, which oscillate a lot in a woman's glass, mainly due to the menstrual cycle and the use of contraceptives. Factors such as bright light, loud noises and climate change also contribute to migraine attacks.

O migraine symptoms are unmistakable: severe headache, located in the temporal region or anywhere in the head, and may also affect the face or neck. Other symptoms are nausea and vomiting.

For control migraine attacksJust make small changes to your lifestyle. Check out some tips that besides contributing positively to reduce discomfort, will also bring benefits to your health.

Spending more than four hours without eating can cause migraines. Therefore, establish regular meal habits. In addition to prolonged fasting, eating the wrong food can also be harmful. There is no specific diet for those who have migraineIdeally, each individual can identify what does not suit him or her well.

However, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and consuming carbohydrates helps a lot. Add to the diet foods rich in magnesium, such as dark green leaves, soy, legumes, nuts.

Cereals such as oats, brown rice, whole grain breads, meat, fish and eggs are also on the list of recommended foods. A great ally in migraine prevention and treatment is vitamin B2, found in milk, ricotta and curd, lean meats, eggs and green vegetables.

Avoid citrus juices such as orange, yellow cheese, vinegar, chocolates, nuts, chicken liver, yoghurts, peanut butter, lentils and seeds. Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, should be avoided.

Treating Migraine (April 2021)

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