How to deal with annoying relatives

Who doesn't have one annoying relative? A spinster aunt who keeps asking when you're getting married or an uncle who insists you be a partner in his business? Relative like this almost everyone has and it is not always easy to deal with. To avoid headaches without leaving cordiality, follow our tips and escape the familiar hassles.

1 ? Avoid controversial issues

One way to avoid discussion is to set aside issues that might lead to some conflict of opinion like religion and football. Prefer lighter subjects that are able to please the majority without dividing them into groups with widely differing opinions.

Yet in this respect, when someone brings up a subject that may end up in a very lively discussion, get rid of the subject by suggesting some other, easier-to-handle subject.

One theme that relatives often like to share smoothly is childhood; Talking about this time of life often makes people homesicker and happier, making them discuss in a constructive and friendly way.

2 ? If they fill you with questions?

Despite questions like? When are you getting married ?? or? When are you going to have a child? Being very annoying, in general, the purpose of these questions is to show interest and encouragement in the events in your life. However, if it bothers you, try to speak in a subtle and ironic way that the person will be the first to know when this happens because you know how important this news would be to him or her.

3? Follow the customs

To avoid hassle, when visiting or visiting a relative's home, do like everyone else and follow family customs. Remember that the more you rebel at this time, the more attention you will get and the more they will want to convince you to change your attitude. So when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

4? Praise the least expect a compliment

You know that boring aunt who always gets her toes, teases her hair, talks bad about her boyfriend and still insists that you need to change jobs? That's right you have to compliment from the first moment you meet. There is no better weapon against the surly attitude of relatives like this. A compliment disarms the person and consequently he will not attack you with his hasty judgments and advice you did not ask for.

5? If they insist on advising you

Advice is generally welcome, but not all, isn't it? Relatives often give advice in order to help, but they do not know all the details of the situation that make a big difference. However, rejecting advice right away may seem like teenage rebellion and can bring you a headache as they will try to convince you that they are right. So when listening to advice, say, "That's a good idea." This way you just acknowledge that the suggestion was good, but don't commit to following it.

Anyway, family is like that. There are boring people and nice people, but they are all part of the same family. That's why it's important to be patient, especially with your elders and to treat everyone with respect. This way you prevent them from disrespecting you too.

4 Tips For Dealing with Annoying Relatives (April 2021)

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