How to decrease the amount of laundry to wash

Every week is the same thing: a mountain of clothes to wash. If you live alone it's still easier to control and decrease the amount of laundrybut those with children and / or husband know how the clothes seem to multiply instantly in the laundry basket.

And the situation gets even worse for those who don't have a maid to help with housework. Considering this, we have selected suggestions that you can follow to try to reduce the amount of laundry you have to wash at home and make your life easier, check it out.

Wear the same clothes more often

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of laundry you have to do each week is to wear the same laundry more often. Certainly this is not always possible due to the high temperatures we usually have in Brazil, but it is worth taking advantage of the cooler days to use at least twice the same piece.

Sweaters are harder to wear more often, but pants and shorts can be worn more often without problems. Another tip is to have a clothes to stay at home and another to go out (go shopping, work etc), so you can use at least to go out more often.

Teach children how to take care of their clothes.

Another important step towards decrease dirty laundry at home It is advising your children to be more responsible for the clothes they wear.

Show them that it is important to take care of clothing to avoid unnecessary dirt. Always leave separate play clothing or an apron that is easier to wash. It also leaves a separate blouse for meal time so you can avoid it messing up your school uniform, for example.

Another way to improve the relationship your children have with their clothes so that they don't keep changing pieces all the time is to teach them how to do their own laundry. Every week encourage them to wash at least one or two pieces and gradually they will realize how exhausting it is to wash clothes. Consequently, they are expected to learn not to change their clothes unnecessarily.

The same tip goes for those who have a partner living at home or the husband. Let him wash his clothes for a week and he will learn to decrease the amount of laundry to wash.

Put the towels in the sun

Another option you have for reducing the amount of laundry to do is to switch between the two towels, especially the hands dry. That is, you leave one in the bathroom to use and another you extend on the clothesline to get some sun and avoid getting a bad or musty odor.

When the bathroom is too wet, you swap it with the one on the clothesline. So you avoid having to change the towel four or five times every week.

As for the bath towels, avoid leaving them wrapped or always leave them in the bathroom. Prefer to extend them on the clothesline so that they get some sun and dry without smelling.

These small attitudes can greatly reduce the amount of laundry in the laundry basket every week so you can have more time to enjoy your life and to engage in moments that really matter.

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