How to disguise chubby arms

Overweight women are often uncomfortable when composing looks where their arms are exposed. In order not to err in the look, you need to follow some basic tricks that will help make combinations of modern and disguise excesses.

Trends are popping up all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to follow everything just because you're in fashion. The clothes have different cutouts and models with different trim for each body type, just choose the right one for you.

The chubby ones usually have a flabby arm and this ends up causing some discomfort when wearing more open blouses. Indeed, sleeveless blouses highlight the broad arms more, but with a few tricks it is possible to disguise the volume.

Replace the short sleeve blouses with long sleeves or muito not too tight sleeves. With only the thinnest part of the arm showing, it is possible disguise the chubby arms.

Bet on blouses with loose cuffs and larger armholes, they give the arms more lightness. Wide bell-neck sleeves balance the volume of the arms and look great in dresses.

Wearing a waistcoat can help divert attention from chubby arms, prefer models with applications that highlight another body part. For accessories, opt for thinner and more delicate bracelets, they help to highlight the thinnest part of the arms.

Also avoid blouses where your arms are too exposed as a single front, fall down, very thin shoulder straps and very puffed sleeves with elastics securing the arms.

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