How to disguise the breeches

The imperfections of the body are great enemies of women when dressing. The protruding belly, chubby arms and sagging breasts are major causes of discomfort.

Not to mention the fat accumulated on the side of the thighs that insist on marking both pants and skirts and dresses, the terrible breeches.

Any woman is subject to having oversized breeches, they may appear due to genetic characteristics or due to hormones. Although it is very difficult to hide them completely, some fashion tricks help to disguise the breeches drawing attention to other parts of the body by wearing appropriate clothing.

At clothes to disguise the breeches they should work the straight body line starting from the hip region without tapering in length. The pantalona pants when not too exaggerated in the bar give a great fit for those who have large hips.

In skirts, invest in models with cutoffs. The format in? A? of the skirt, rising from the waist toward the ankles, well disguises the lateral bulge of the thighs.

The ideal blouse for those who have oversized breeches It should have a canoe style neckline and length that ends above the hips. A trick for divert attention from the breeches It is investing in models that shape the abdomen, but nothing very fair. To give the impression of a longer leg, wear pantyhose and shoes of the same color.

Others tips on how to disguise the breeches are to avoid wearing cross-belts at the waist, running away from short coats, skinny or too-straight trousers, cross-cut and very low-cut blouses, setting aside bias-cut skirts or dresses, and wearing pantyhose and shoes color to give the impression of longer legs.

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