How to do neck makeup

At the time of makeup, the preparation of the skin deserves special attention and should be well done, as it is essential to correct some imperfections and even out the tone of the face. However, a big mistake made by women is to worry only about the face and end up forgetting to make up neck.

The neck draws a lot of attention in appearance, as it is where the first signs of age appear if the region does not receive daily care. Few people realize, but it is possible to notice difference in tone when compared to the skin of the neck with the face of makeup. Therefore, besides knowing how to apply the products on the face, one must also know how to do neck makeup correctly.

To do the neck makeup you have to be careful not to carry too much in the amount of products and fall into the mistake of skin with different color.

Using only the base and the powder, it is possible to make the skin of the set comprising the region of the face, neck and neck look even and much more beautiful.

Great trick for more mature women who are bothered by some spots or early signs of time that appear on their necks.

Prefer waterproof products to prevent makeup from melting throughout the day or with perspiration and staining your clothes.

How should I make up my neck?

To start neck makeup, you need to keep the area clean and apply a moisturizer first, which is great to help you fix your makeup longer. With the help of a base-specific brush or sponge, apply a small amount of base to the neck, always moving up and down until you reach the lap area. Go applying it gently.

With the brush or a specific sponge, finish by applying the powder to give the velvety finish and control the brightness. If possible, throughout the day, touch up to keep your skin even.

At the end of the day, be sure to remove the neck makeup with the makeup remover. Apply the product with cotton and then wash the area well with soap. Do not forget to moisturize your skin daily. If you already have wrinkles or other signs of aging, it is worth applying anti-aging creams to the neck and neck region.

To disguise the double chin

The makeup also serves as a trick to disguise the neck and neck region, known as double chin, which is quite evident. Simply spread the compact powder or base two shades more than your skin's natural color with a specific brush just at the tip of your chin and below it, always making movements by sliding the brush. Always use a small amount of product so that it does not look artificial and then brush your skin tone powder to finish it off.

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