How to eliminate the bad smell from the kitchen

The kitchen is a place that should always refer to cleanliness and hygiene, so the bad smell in the kitchenbesides being unpleasant, it is not welcome at all. After all, bad odors can be signs that something is rotten or dirty out there.

As a result, we've selected practical tips for you to eliminate food smell after cooking and keep your kitchen smelling with some basic care.

How to eliminate food smell

After a meal is prepared, the kitchen usually smells strongly of the food that has been prepared.

Using a room deodorizer may be a good alternative, but many people prefer to use them because mixing the product's aroma with the smell of food can result in an even more unpleasant odor.

To eliminate the smell of food without having to add another aroma to the environment you need to draw on the secrets of experienced housewives. Check it out 3 tricks to eliminate the smell of food from the kitchen once and for all:

  • Put some vinegar in a pot and leave it in a safe place in the kitchen where no one can tip it over. Vinegar helps to soften odors that are released during food cooking;
  • To remove the smell of fish from the kitchen, boil sliced ​​lemons or lemon squeezed in a milkmaid during and after fish preparation;
  • So that the smell of frying is not so strong in your kitchen, put thin slices of apple in the oil as it heats and wait until they turn brown, then remove and fry what you want.

How to keep the kitchen free of unpleasant odors

So that your kitchen is always smelly-free it is important to be careful of leftover food, overdue food and food scattered around the stove and floor during meal preparation.

One of the important steps to having a smelling kitchen It's always throwing away the organic waste. Trash that rots in the trash can smells your kitchen every time it is opened. So if you can, throw out the trash daily.

Another important tip is that you should always check the food shelf life and check if there are any that are already damaged or close to spoiling. Rotten and expired foods in the refrigerator cause a bad smell and should be thrown away. After all, nobody likes to open the fridge and leave the whole house with that horrible odor of rotten food.

Take care of kitchen cleaning It is also essential. While using the stove, be aware of small pieces of food or soaking that may fall on the floor, the sink and the stove. If you prefer, protect the stove with aluminum foil for easy cleaning. At the end of food preparation, make sure the floor is free of food.

Finally, do not let dishes accumulate in the sink. Dirty dishes in the sink, especially if you have leftovers, besides attracting cockroaches leave an unpleasant smell in the kitchen. So wash your dishes and throw away leftover food as soon as you finish the meal. Also take care of your dishwasher by cleaning it regularly to avoid stench.

If you follow these tips, your kitchen will always be clean, fragrant and much nicer.

Freshen up your Kitchen and Eliminate Cooking Odors (March 2021)

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