How to enjoy the holidays at home

At Summer Vacation They are coming, your friends will travel and you will be home alone and doing nothing. Stay calm, because if you still do not know how to enjoy the days off without even going out to know new places and enjoy the beach, the Le baragosse gives you some tips on how to enjoy the holidays at home occupying the head with simple activities that avoid boring days and guarantee a lot of fun.

With the hustle and bustle of routine life, it is common to always leave something for later, be it for reading, watching that movie just released or even organizing in your room. Forget about all year-round activities and have more time for yourself to enjoy what you enjoy doing.

Sleep, sleep and sleep

Isn't that what you wanted every day when you weren't on vacation? So enjoy that you are at home quiet and rest enough sleeping everything that is entitled, so when you return to routine, you will be more lively, looking beautiful and rested. Ah, just not worth doing other activities to sleep the whole vacation, see?

Read a good book

Do you know that book you bought a while ago or is about to buy but didn't have time to read or even stop at the bookstore to check it out? This may be your opportunity to enjoy your vacation by reading well and traveling using your imagination.

Spending the whole vacation reading all day can be a little boring and tiring, so take time for reading, which may be before bedtime or some afternoon when you are too lazy to do a more hectic activity. Choose a quiet and comfortable place in the house where you feel comfortable and have a good read!

Home theater session

Just like books left behind for lack of time, some movies and sitcoms are also shaken by the rush of everyday life, but on vacation, they are a great way to pass the time and distract. Enjoy the days when you are too lazy to go outside or a rainy day, prepare your pot of popcorn or tasty food, separate your comfy corner on the couch and catch up on the shows or enjoy watching a good movie.

Little Woman Program

Not all her friends left town and went on vacation, go. Always have one or the other that will stay home doing nothing too. So you don't get bored, each one in your corner, how about getting your friends together or even your mother to do a little girl show?

There are so many things you can do together and enjoy the holidays, it's worth the imagination. It can be a day of shopping at the mall, going out to eat in restaurants, going to the lounge together, having fun at the club or even staying at home and having a movie session with your best friends, is a way to enjoy the holidays even more. to laugh a lot, gossip and enjoy the days with nothing to do.

Tidy up the closet

The days off also serve to do that cleaning in the room and sort out clothes that no longer serve you to make room for others, and make everything more organized. It may seem like a tiring and boring activity, but tidying up can be quite fun.

Remove everything from the closet, clean the furniture inside and put scents to keep the clothes always fragrant. Select garments, fold one by one, sort by colors, garment types and materials. This also goes for shoes and bags. After everything is organized, the most delicate pieces put on hangers or plastic bags and put everything back in your closet. Once you have organized everything, you can be sure that your mother will be proud of you.

Play video game

And who said girls can't play video games too? Enjoy your days at home with your siblings or even with your boyfriend, take control and play video games competitions. No matter if you have no skills for it, the important thing is to have fun and have a good laugh.

Internet fun

If you don't have a home video game or think you're too old for it, enjoy the fun of the internet by chatting with your friends, going to good sites, enjoying great music or even doing some online shopping without need to leave home.

Avoid spending too many hours at your computer, especially if this is your primary work tool. Staying connected for hours can be a very boring or even sad activity as you see photos of people having fun on the road. Try to keep track of your times when you're in front of the monitor and always try to browse trusted sites.

Physical activities

And the promises of? I will start the scheme on Monday? or am I going to the gym today? that you did all year and didn't do it? Now is the time! Practicing physical activities is not that boring, but after a stressful day of work, traffic or class what you want most is to rest.

So enjoy your rest days and do activities such as a walk in the park, cycling, swimming, dancing or the gym. Have a more active life leaving boredom aside. After all, which woman doesn't like to lose a few pounds and get compliments?

Afternoon at the pool

There is no beach in your city, but there is a pool? Call friends or sisters and take the afternoon to enjoy the sunny and hot summer day by enjoying a swimming pool and sunbathing to keep your body tanned. Remember that on summer days the sun is very strong, so be aware and always protect yourself with sunscreen, glasses and hat to avoid skin problems.

Go to the club

If you spent the year wishing to go out for the midweek ballads, now is the time for you to enjoy it. Plan for the best parties in town without worrying about the time, get your friends and friends together to dance and laugh all night long.

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